Thursday, 29 December 2011

Upcoming India Dark Blog Tour

I was sent a copy of India Dark, which will be published by Templar January 2012, and I'm lovin' what I'm reading!  So much that I'm taking part in the blog tour!  Anyway, India Dark is a historical novel, about one of Australia's most famous theatre companys.  It's an amazing story so far, and I can't wait to see all of the guest posts and interviews: I'm intrigued by the history! :D

India Dark by Kirsty Murray

Synopsis From Templar:
MADRAS, 1910: two girls are caught up in a scandal that will change their lives forever. Singing and dancing across a hundred stages in a troupe of child performers, they travel by steam train into the heart of India. But as one disaster follows another, money runs short and tempers fray, what must the girls do to protect themselves, and how many lives will be ruined if they try to break free?

And here is the lineup for the Blog Tour!  For more information, check out the tour's offical page.

9th January: District YA
Find out where the story for India Dark comes from, and enter the first giveaway to win a copy of India Dark
10th January:
All About Me
An interview with Kirsty Murray and another giveaway!

11th January: Ink Scratchers
Hear all about Kirsty's writing process and yet another giveaway!
12th January: Turn The Page
A second interview with Kirsty: lots of insights here!
13th January: Readaraptor
Another guest post from Kirsty: all about the amazing locations in India Dark.

14th January: Bookhi
Another Q&A with Kirsty here.

15th January: The Book Adicted Girl
It's me!  We're going to be talking characters: Kirsty will tell us how she cames up with her characters and the challenges of writing an emotionally charged tale.
16th January: Bookbabblers
The final Q&A and your last chance to win a copy of India Dark.

17th January:Read In Between The Lines
Finally, a guest post from Kirsty, all about her life and how she fits writing into it.

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Zoe Crook said...

I got this book sent for review too; its amazing, isn't it?! I have the stop before you ;)