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Fated by Sarah Alderson

Series: Fated, Book One
Publisher: Simon&Schuster
Format: Paperback
Published: 5th January 2012
Number of Pages: 320
Book: For Review*
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dark Romance, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Action-Adventure, YA
Recommended Age: 12+
Contains: Violence, Swearing
No Alcohol, Drug References
Author's Site: Sarah Alderson

If you can't choose who to love, how do you know who to trust?
Lucas Gray is half Shadow Warrior, half human, and a member of the Brotherhood - a group of assassins tasked with killing the last purebred Hunter on Earth before she can fulfil a dangerous prophecy. That Hunter's name is Evie Tremain.
Evie is seventeen-years-old, a waitress, and has just discovered she is the last in a long line of demon slayers - and an unwilling participant in a war between Hunters and Unhumans that has raged for the last thousand years.
When your fate is already determined, can you fight it?

"Her name is Evie Tremain.  She's seventeen years old.  She lives in Riverview, California.  Now go and kill her."
These are the orders Lucas Gray is given.  Lucas is a member of the Brotherhood, whose only aim is to kill Hunters - demon slayers, the killers of the Unhuman.  Lucas is an Unhuman - well, half: he's half human, half Shadow Warrior. 
Evie Tremain, as a Hunter, is his natural enemy. 
Trouble is, until she was attacked by Kucas and his band, she had no idea she was a Hunter, or even what a Hunter was. 
She doesn't want to be part of this war, this endless struggle between the humans and the Unhumans.  Especially when the Brotherhood decide to shake things up and change all the rules. 
But with an ancient prophecy hanging over her head and the heavy weight of her future on her shoulders, Evie doesn't know who she can trust. 
Love, loyalty, blood, trust and deciet wind together as Lucas and Evie enter the ancient battle of Hunters versus Unhumans. 
With fate and expectations crushing them, can Lucas and Evie escape destiny?
Can you ever escape fate...?
I've never read anything by Alderson before, but I've heard so many amazing things about all her books.  So when I was sent Fated, I instantly began reading.  I gobbled it all up in a single sitting.  I've always loved paranormal and demon hunter stories, so obviously I loved Fated for that aspect.  But Fated was so different -the good vs evil thing blurred and I wasn't sure who to trust.  We were thrown in the deep end - just like Evie - and I loved watching the world build around me, learning about all the different beings.  I just loved ALL of it - most of all Lucas, obviously.  I can't wait to read Alderson's other books.  And I desperately, DESPERATELY NEED a sequel to this.  ASAP!  I NEED to know what happens next!!
Lucas, oh how I loved him.  He amused me: I absolutely adored his sense of humour.  His two conflicting natures meant he had a constant battle inside – poor thing, always torturing himself.  God, he was just heart-breaking.  And my god, was he hot! He had that irresistible bad-boy edge and that adorable protective streak as well.  He was so, so swoonsworthy.  And yummy.  He just totally made me melt inside...  Sigh.  I could talk about him for hours.  I think I already have...  Can I have one?  
Evie was totally kickbutt.  She was also so, so broken and therefore very defensive and protective - she hid her hurt behind snark and cold indifference.  She was such a strong heroine - snarky and brave and determined.  
 The relationship between Evie and Lucas?  Wow.  They had so much chemistry it was like being back in my GCSE science room.  Only so, so much more interesting.  My God, whenever they were together... Stand back or be burned, people.  It was that hot.  I oh-so badly want more of the two of them. 
I really loved all of Alderson's characters, Evie and Lucas especially.  But the secondary characters were brilliant too.  Sure, much of the book revolved around our lead couple, but I did really love some of the others.  But I couldn't decide which of the Hunters I could really trust, if I'm honest.  Bad guys, you can assume are bad.  The good guys?  Whole other story.  
Speaking of 'bad guys', then there were the guys from the Brotherhood, who I didn't necessarily like, but who I did find intriguing.  The dynamics between Lucas' band was hilarious.  You had so many different personalities - all very conflicting, obviously.  They really weren't in it much, but those first few chapters with them all we just really amusing.  And some of them didn't seem necessarily evil, not like you'd expect anyway.  
 Alderson's writing was amazing and so, so addictive.  I absolutely loved that we got to read from both Lucas and Evie's POVs because we got all the different perspectives and feelings. It gave us such insight into both sides.  I do so love dual perspectives, but especially when 'good' and 'bad' are narrating.  Plus, Alderson's writing was just so, so lyrical.  And often very funny too!  The plot was so freaking addictive!  Right from the word go, it was like nonstop action.  The pace never gave up.  I loved the tension, the suspense and the action.  I didn't know what was coming next, what turn was around the corner.  I had no idea who to trust or who not to trust.  I was constantly on the edge of my seat, not sure what was going to happen next.  I didn't even know whether or not my two leads were gonna kill each other, which is a totally new experience for me!
Oh my God, I loved Alderson's world building.  All the different kinds of demons - sorry, Unhumans - were just so freaking cool!  And don't even get me started on Hunters! 
I love that the whole good and evil thing was kind of blurred.  There were so many shades between black and white, just so much grey.  Ok, so there is the Brotherhood who kill Hunters and the Hunters who kill Unhumans.  But the loyalties and vengeances and emotions meant everything became tangled.  I loved that Fated was a black and white story that had just as much grey as it did the other colours.  
Fated was also addictive, action packed, suspenseful and just purely amazing.  I read it all in one go and was left aching for more, more, more.  I need the sequel.  I need more of Lucas - and to know what the hell happens next!  Alderson will most definitely be on my look-out-for list from this moment on - as well as my favourite author list.  If Hunting Lila is even half this good, I simply must read it.  Like, ASAP!

P.S. One of my favourite quotes.  I just had to add it!  LOL:
'Humans couldn't get inside the old Mission.  There was a huge security gate at the top of the road down to it with an Enter at own risk: Trespassers to be shot sign stuck on it.  Which always made Lucas laugh, as it so badly undersold the treatment.
'What it
really should say, he thought, was something like: Enter at own risk: Trespassers may be shot, drunk, eaten, poisoned, sliced or attacked by a wild animal.  The psychic will tell you which.'

Star Rating:
4½ Out of 5

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Catherine@thebookparade said...

My friend just lent me this the other day and although I'm only a couple of chapters in, I love it!!

I can't wait to get to know Lucas more and see his relationship with Evie grow!

You have to read Hunting Lila too, you'll love Alex!! <3

And I found the favourite quote you shared really funny too! :D

Catherine xxx