Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Black Horizon by M.G. Harris - On The Big Book Project

I loved Black Horizon - it get's four stars from me!  If you want to  see my full review, check out The Big Book Project!
“Caroline, Addison, Ben; welcome to Gemini Force One..."
When Ben Carrington's father dies, his mother decides to set up a mountain-rescue team, based in her homeland Austria.  But when disaster strikes again, she joins forces with a rich businessman and together they create the secretive rescue team named the Gemini Force.
All Ben wants to do is be part of the team – to save people.  But being at college, it's a little hard to convince his mother to let him take part…  
He'll just have to prove himself – while observing the heroic rescues carried out by the Gemini Force, of course.

But he has no idea what is waiting for him aboard Gemini Force One...
I remember watching old reruns of The Thunderbirds with my Dad and younger brothers.  I remember loving the action and quirky humour, even if the puppets and special effects were a bit odd for me.  I was so excited when I heard about Gemini Force One – a modern day Thunderbirds team written for teens?  Yeah, I needed to get my hands on that book as soon as poss.  And I must say, even with all the set-up, this book was truly exciting.  I mean, when you open with someone falling from a plane, a second pilot throwing herself from a second plane to catch him and a Countess and her son climbing out on a ledge of one of the highest buildings in the country to rescue the pilots, you know you're in for an adrenaline-pounding ride.  And I just know that the rest of the series are going to be a million times more amazing, now that the Gemini Force has been set up and established....

The Big Book Project

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