Sunday, 26 February 2012

Drive By by Jim Carrington: Extract

What would you do if you thought you had killed someone?

I've started Drive By, and it's amazing!  I know that I'm going to love the book!  If you don't believe me, just check out the extract below, kindly supplied by Bloomsbury!  And check out Jim's site and Facebook Page!  Any everyone: keep an eye on the Bloomsbury Facebook Page, for chances to win awesome books!  But before you do all of that, here's a quick little bit of info about the book, which is out 1st March...

Drive By
Drive By by Jim Carrington

Synopsis From Goodreads:
'That was brilliant,' Jake says. 'That was without doubt the most satisfying moment of my entire life.'
When Johnny, Jake, Drac and Badger take the law into their own hands and give an irritating neighbour a drive-by soaking, life feels good. Then something terrible happens as a result and Johnny's guilty conscience won't leave him alone. But are the weird things that start happening really just a result of his overheated brain? Or is the old lady coming back to haunt him?
Is it ever possible to get away with murder? It's a good question. One that Johnny needs to think about. Hard.

Now.  Read the extract!!!

 Drive By Extract


Rachel :) said...

This sounds like an intruiging read, can't wait for your review! Happy Reading :D

emmameade83 said...

The premise sounds good.