Friday, 29 March 2013

Funny Fridays: I Need Help...

I was thinking the other day and I realised something.  Something that made me go:

What was this revelation that made me suddenly believe the very thing people have been telling me for years?

Well.  I shall begin with a little story, shall I?  Yes.


I was searching the web for some book-nerd-ish quotes (y'know the sort: "Life's Short.  Read Fast.") and I came across this one that made me smile 'cause it's just so, so true and so, so me:
"I hate having my heart broken by fictional characters."

This got me thinking though.  There's another saying I love which is, ironically, about love:
"Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trusting them not to."

Or, a similar take of this spoken by one of my fictional loves Jace Wayland:
Ergo, for these characters to break my heart, I've got to love them - like really, really love them...  Haven't I?  It's only logical.  I mean, the signs are all there.

And before you can ask "What signs?" here is my list of symptoms:

  • I can't stop thinking about 'my' characters
  • I can't sleep and when I do...
  • I dream about them
  • I'm constantly wondering what they're doing (which makes zero sense, because hello, they're fictional!)
  • My heart races and my hands get clammy when they walk in (to a scene... in a book...)
  • I sigh and laugh at awkward times because I'm thinking about things they've said
  • I want to do stupid things to get their attention, like find a Stele and draw runs everywhere to see if I'm one of them.  Or go to West Virginia and put myself in a stupid and slightly dangerous situation so he can stop time and save me, maybe even heal me so I can be joined to him...  Or join St Vlads so I can become a Guardian and either be trained by him or get trained so I can guard him (yeah, two loves in that world.  Sigh...)
And there's more...  Loads more...  Symptoms.  Those four are my main loves.  

So yeah.  I'm in love with fictional characters.  They are totally ruining me for the real world. 'Cause no one's as perfect as my fictional loves.

Okay, now feel free to roll your eyes and go:



Because the answer is:

But you know what?

I love my weirdness and I plan to embrace it and let everyone know how freaking crazy I am because:

Well.  Except my love for...
Daemon Black (Obsidian)

Jace Wayland (TMI)

Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy/Bloodlines).  
Even though Chace isn't the official Adrian (yet, fingers crossed!) he's so gorgeous he needs two pictures.  Plus, I love Adrian SO MUCH!!

Dimitri Belikov (Vampire Academy)

Crazy weird girl out.  
But let me know who you're in love with in the comments! :)


Anonymous said...

These gifs are WONDERFUL.

This post made me laugh, but I was nodding my head the whole time. :)

Anonymous said...

These gifs are WONDERFUL.

This post made me laugh, but I was nodding my head the whole time. :)

Catherine@thebookparade said...

Haha I totally agree with you! I have openly declared that Augustus Waters is MY FAVOURITE PERSON IN THE. ENTIRE. WORLD. making sure to clarify that, yes, this includes real people.

Ohmygoodness, I'm beginning to display symptom six right now just thinking and swooning about him...Ahhhh <3 <3

Nina @ Death Books and Tea said...

You have summed up, very accurately, my relationship with many many fictional people. I love this post!!

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Alexis: Thanks! Glad I'm not the only one!! ;)
Catherine: Again, glad I'm not the only one!! :D
Nina: Thanks!! :D