Monday, 8 September 2014

My #BePrepared Survival Pack: Getting Ready For The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancy!

I loved Rick Yancey's The 5th Wave and I'm so excited about The Infinite Sea, which is out 16th September!  And to prepare, Penguin want us to list what we'd put in a  survival rucksack.  
Therefore this is what I'd put in my #BePrepared Survival Pack.  
Bear in mind that this list literally only applies to today.  Tomorrow the book will have changed, the CD, the snack...  So, yeah.  But today this would be my #SurvivalPack...

First: Kindle.  I know, if this is #The5thWave universe the power is gone.  But (and big but) if it WASN'T Fifth Wave universe I'd need my Kindle - and charger of course.  Also, my Kindle has battery power that lasts weeks.  So, y'know, at the beginning I'd have something...  Oh, and a charger is a brilliant weapon: hold the cord, swing and smack your enemy in the ear.  Should give you time to run.

Second: Knife.  Ok, I'm really a pacifist, despite the kinds of books I read and my run-down on how to use a charger as a weapon...  I actually hate real violence.  Also I live in the UK and I don't know if you can have guns over here.  I wouldn't even want a gun.  But I'd need to protect myself.  Ergo: knife.  It would suck at long-distance protection but it's something.  I mean, I'd probably still die but... Yeah.
Oh, wait!  My Dad, he has a sword.  A super old one that belonged to an ancestor who used it in a war or something.  If I sharpened that up, maybe I’d stand a better chance.  Add knife-sharpener to the kit.

Third: NerfGun.  In hindsight, I'd want something more than a knife, blunt sword and charger.  So I'd use one of my brothers NerfGuns - preferably one of the more powerful ones.  I figure if I've got enough ammo, some glue and sharp objects (like nails) I can turn this toy in a pretty effective survival tool.  Shoot at the head/foot/whatever and you can at least injure them enough to escape.  

Fourth: My iPhone.  Ok, again the electricity thing.  But I'd need this.  It's like a security blanket, I guess.  It might be my only chance at finding other survivors, if the electricity works, of course…

Fifth: Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout.  I cannot face the end of the world without having read this book.  Weird, I know, but I just can’t.  So, yes.  Opposition is in my kit. 

Sixth: Torch - duh.  Worrying that this is only number six, though…

Seventh: Cereal bars, water bottles, can opener, matches, cigarette lighter (I don’t have one of those, though… no one in my family smokes… which could be a problem). Y’know, essentials.  Again, worrying they’re number seven.

Eighth: Notebook, pen.  To keep track of my thoughts and tell the world what’s going on with me.  Y’know, if there’s anyone else out there. 

Ninth: Travel tissues, concealer, hand sanitizer, medical kit, thread and needle, blanket, change of clothes.  Essentials for life on the run.

Tenth: Photo of my family - to know why I was fighting.  

Ok, so that's my #SurvivalPack.  In hindsight, it might be a Survival Suitcase.  Still.  Also, I've kinda worried myself about how violent this list went…  Also by the fact that my Kindle and Opposition comes before food and water… 
Oh well.  I’m a book addict.  I never claimed to be sane or normal.
Or, you know, that it’s even plausible I’d survive the apocalypse/alien invasion/zombie problem/whatever other end-of-world scenario…

Anyways, that’s my Kit.  Let me know what’s in yours!  And keep an eye out for The Infinite Sea, the second in The Fifth Wave series!  Out September 16th!

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Anne Bennett said...

I don't know if my heart is ready for Infinite Sea. I got so wrapped up in the 5th Wave and worried about Alien invasions. Oh my.