Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fortnight of Guests: I Want To Read That (Cover Wars: US vs UK)

I Want To Read ThatHi!   I'm Sammee from I Want To Read That - a book blog for most things YA!  I have a major addiction / obsession with books and I have far too many!  But I kind of like that:)  I also spend my working life surrounded by books as I work as a Children's Bookseller for Waterstone's.
I'm really excited to be taking part in Megan's Fortnight of Guests and opted to do a post on one of my favourite things:  Book covers.  Hope you enjoy:)

I love book covers. I don't know why they have such an influence on me but they really do. A good cover can be the difference between me being interested in a title or dismissing it. There have been occasions when I have been really excited about a book release only to have that excitement die somewhat at the sight of the cover - and of course it works the other way too. I hear about a book and feel my anticipation for it build and then I see the cover and suddenly I MUST have that book!
One of the things that really interests me is the differences in covers in different countries or for different releases (such as Hardback and then Paperback). From this Cover Wars was born - a way to compare different covers for the same book.
When Megan asked if I do a guest post for her I jumped at the chance and I thought I could do something a little different - get you guys to vote. It's US vs UK, there are five rounds - who will win?

Round One: Fury by Elizabeth Miles
I really, really like the UK cover. If I saw it on a shelf it would catch my eye - but put it next to the US one and I automatically drift towards it. I think it is the gorgeous read hair! So my vote is US

Round One: Fury by Elizabeth Miles

Round Two: Forgotten by Cat Patrick
There is no contest here I'm afraid - my vote is UK all the way!

Round Two: Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Round Three: Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
Like Fury, I do like the UK one but I LOVE the US one. It just really appeals to me - there is something haunting about it. And I have to say in this instance it doesn't feel like they are the same book. So, my vote is US.

Round Three: Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

Round Four: My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent
Okay so I love the US covers but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the UK ones - especially this one! So obviously my vote is UK

Round Four: My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent

Round Five: The Splendour Falls by Rosemary Clemment-Moore
I really like the new cover they produced in the UK but as soon as I saw the US one there was no competition! I absolutely adore this cover and am trying to convince myself I really do need two copies so I can justify buying it! Gorgeous - so my vote is US

Round Five: The Splendour Falls by Rosemary Clemment-Moore
So who did you vote for? US or UK?

Well, we'll wait and see who has the most votes in the end.  US or UK...  Thanks Sammee: that was great fun!  And such gorgeous covers!


Larissa said...

I totally agree with you on all of them! I love seeing the different covers from the different countries, it is really fun to compare!

My anxious life said...

This is a great post. I love covers and find it fun to look at different covers. I have always wondered why US and UK just don't have the same covers? I tried to vote but it keep saying my vote couldn't be added? Not sure what that is but still a fun post!


XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

Aylee said...

I agree with you in all instances! Unfortunately, my "vote could not be added" it said. Great post :)

Cliona said...

My vote 'could not be added' so I'll just write them here:

1 US
2 UK
3 UK
4 UK
5 UK

I HATE the MSTT US cover! Hate it!

Jenny said...

Wow, I think I'm pretty solidly US across the board! I love the hair in FURY and the bright read of MY SOUL TO TAKE:) I love comparisons like these, it's so much fun to see the different designs for the same story!

Hey Lady! said...

This is one of the problems with my Nook. I love it, but I really miss out on seeing the cover and shopping in the store. So, sometimes I go to the store, look at the covers, then buy them on my Nook. Guess I COULD just look them up on the internet, BUT I like holding and touching the book... Does that make me weird?

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Larissa: Isn't it? The covers are so different!
Angie: I'm not sure... Sorry! Me and Sammee don't either.
Aylee: Again, sorry!
Cliona: Mm, I do sway towards the UK of MSTT... Thanks for playing!
Jenny: It really is!
Hey Lady: Ah, I have the same thing with my kindle. I miss the pretty covers and the feel of a book. And, no, I think most book addicts are like that. :D

Thanks for taking part!

T.B. said...

Great guest post! I'm swayed very easily by book covers as well :) Many times if a book cover doesn't interest me, then I just won't even bother looking at the book... horrible, I know!

Wow, it's so interesting how the covers are different for various countries. I tend to like US covers better, but there were a few UK ones here that I liked better.