Sunday, 5 June 2011

In My Mailbox (#17

In My Mailbox was created by Kristi at The Story Siren.  It's a perfect way to see who's reading and review what.  Awesome!

I made the mistake of going into a bookshop.  I came out with four books.  Will I ever learn?!
Anyway, this is what I got...
 Die for MeThe Gathering (Darkness Rising, #1)UltravioletThe Poison Diaries
Die For Me (Renevants, Book One) by Amy Plum (Goodreads | Amazon)
Would You Risk Your Life For Love?
Yay, yay, yay!  I finally have Die For Me.  I can see what everyone's talking about.  It's right at the top of my TBR list!  (:
The Gathering (Darkness Rising, Book One) by Kelley Armstrong (Goodreads | Amazon)
I loved Armstrong's Darkest Powers, so I can't wait to see what this spin-off series is like!
Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson (Goodreads | Amazon)
Everything You Believe Is Wrong
This was on my Wanted list just a little while ago, so when I saw this on 3-for-2, I was over the moon!  (:  Plus, the blurb says:
"Once upon a time there was a girl who was special.
This is not her story.
Unless you count the part where I killed her."
Now, if that didn't interest me, I'd be very worried... (:The Poison Diaries (Poison Diaries, Book One) by Maryrose Wood, With the Duchess of Northcumberland (Goodreads | Amazon)
This looks good, and I just love the blurb:
"In the right dose, everything is a poison."
That's my Mailbox of the week.
What did you get in your mailbox?


Eden said...

Nice mix of paranormal! Hope you enjoy Ultraviolet as much as I did. Happy reading!

Here's my IMM. :)

Jules (The Great, The Good and The Bad) said...

you've got some great books there! :) Enjoy.

Cliona said...

I. Want. Ultraviolet. Now.

Great books! You're so lucky!

T.B. said...

I can't wait to hear what you think of Die For Me and Ultraviolet! I really want to read Ultraviolet and Die For Me was great. Awesome mailbox!

Alison said...

Great set! I loved Die for Me. I hope you do too.

Raimy-rawr said...

great mailbox! I have read Die For Me, it was one of my faves so far for this year, and Ultraviolet, which was amazing! I also have poison Diaries but I'm yet to read it!! :(
I hope you enjoy!! :D