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Friendly Fire Blog Tour, Excerpt #5

I don't know if you remember, but I took part in the awesome Thin Air blog tour last year. I adored the book and couldn't wait for Friendly Fire. And now... it's here! Yess! And we have an oh-so-temping extract to read today!

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Now, enjoy the excerpt...

“I can’t leave you here,” I explained.

His gray eyes pierced mine defiantly. “Why not?”

“Because that awful man might come back and hurt you,” I said. “Besides, you’re cold, and I’m guessing you’re probably hungry as well.”

The boy’s lower lip trembled slightly, his eyes returning to his pants.

I continued cautiously, not knowing what might cause his temper to flare again. “I was once just as you are—when I first became human.”

His eyes grew large as he looked up at me. “How did you know?” he asked, softly.

“I can see what you were. You’ll gain that ability, too—in time.” I bent closer. “How long have you been here, on this plane of existence?”

“About three months,” he answered, tremulously. Tears moistened his eyes but he quickly blinked them away. “I think it’s been three months. It seems much longer, somehow.”

I stood up. “You must come with me, then,” I said, beckoning him with my hand. “We must care for our own, and I can’t let you starve on the street.”
“Were you…a salamander?” His eyes were beseeching now as they gazed up at me. He looked every bit the frightened, lonely child that he was.

“No, I was a sylphid, but it makes no difference.” I reached down and took his hand. It was cold and clammy. “Let me get you washed and fed. I’m sure I can find some clean clothes for you, too. You’ll see. You’ll feel so much better after you’ve freshened up and eaten something.”

Slowly, he rose to his feet. He was small, barely coming to my shoulder, and fine-boned. Without another word, he began to accompany me up the street, casting an occasional glance in my direction. We walked along Broadway, pausing at the corner of Prince Street for oncoming traffic before crossing.

“So, tell me, who helped you when you first arrived?” I couldn’t imagine Rose Quartz or Ignis leaving such a young, newly-transmuted individual to fend for themselves on the streets of New York City.

“Someone named Petris. A gnome, I think,” he answered. “He gave me these clothes, and some money.” He scowled as he studied the sidewalk. “It was all gone in a matter of a few days,” he added, shoving his hands into his pockets for warmth as he hunched against the night air. “I’ve been begging for money ever since.”

“I don’t know him,” I said. I suddenly realized I also didn’t know what to call this boy. “Have you a name?” I asked.

“I was called Calora,” he replied, with a hint of a smile. “Now, I go by Ashen. Ashen Blaise. But people usually just call me Ash.”

“I like that name,” I said. “I’m Alice Ayre. It’s nice to meet you, Ash.”

His eyes flitted to me. “Nice to meet you,” he muttered, before looking away again.

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I loved this extract!  I can't wait to read it!
All of you, hope you enjoyed this! Check out Thin Air and Friendly Fire on Goodreads! And check out Lynn's Blog, Site, Facebook and Twitter account! Oh, and thanks to the amazing tour hosts at These Paper Worlds

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