Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Breathe by Sarah Crossan: Extract

Breathe (Breathe, #1)
Sarah Crossan made her literary debut with the gorgeous Weight of Water, a story told in prose.  Now she's back with an equally amazing dystopian called Breathe - just check out this synopsis from the press release:

When oxygen levels plunge in a treeless world, a state lottery decides which lucky few will live inside the Pod. Everyone else will slowly suffocate.
Years after the Switch, life inside the Pod has moved on. A poor Auxiliary class cannot afford the oxygen tax which supplies extra air for running, dancing and sports. The rich Premiums, by contrast, are healthy and strong. Anyone who opposes the regime is labeled a terrorist and ejected from the Pod to die.
Sixteen-year-old Alina is part of the secret resistance, but when a mission goes wrong she is forced to escape from the Pod. With only two days of oxygen in her tank, she too faces the terrifying prospect of death by suffocation. Her only hope is to find the mythical Grove, a small enclave of trees protected by a hardcore band of rebels. Does it even exist, and if so, what or who are they protecting the trees from?
A gripping dystopian thriller about courage, freedom and revolution. Perfect for fans of Ally Condie, Lauren Oliver and Meg Rosoff. Look out for the sequel to Breathe in October 2013.

Well, I don't know about you, but I think this sounds absolutely amazing!!  If that hasn't won you over, just read this amazing extract!  

Breathe comes out October, so keep an eye out for a blog tour leading up to that date!  
To find out more about Sarah and her books, head here:  her websiteFacebookTwitter at @SarahCrossan.  :)

Now, enjoy...! 
Breathe by Sarah Crossan Extract


Ebony Black Lines said...

It was pretty good I reviewed it on my BLOG maybe about a week ago. ;) I LOVE THE COVER THOUGH! It's soo amazing don't you think? x

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

I totally agree! And the cover is just SO gorgeous! I'll go check out your review!! :) x