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Throne of Glass Blog Tour: Throne of Glass Playlist, Part Two and Giveaway!

I'm lucky enough to be taking part in the tour of the amazing Throne of Glass - I adore this book!   See just how much in my review of the book: here!  Anyway, today I have a very special playlist for the book and all the different scenes.  How cool?!  Anyway, enjoy all the music and the extract at the end!  But before you do, the wonderful Bloomsbury are offering all UK and Ireland readers a chance to win a copy of Throne of Glass!  And trust me, you really don't wanna miss this book! 
Now, without further ado, enjoy the playlist!

“Won't Back Down”: Eminem : Recovery (Deluxe Edition): 

This song actually inspired the scene when Celaena gives Verin a smack-down during one of their tests.

“Thought I'd Never Call?”: James Newton Howard : Blood Diamond (Original Motion 
Picture Soundtrack): 

This inspired the scene between Celaena and Nehemia when they learn about the Eyllwe rebels’ massacre (and the scenes that follow with Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol).

“Valse - Intrada (Tempo Di Valse)”: Efrem Kurtz & Philharmonia Orchestra : Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake: 

Dorian and Celaena’s waltz at the Yulemas ball.

“Balcony Scene - Romeo's Variation - Love Dance”:  Cleveland Orchestra & Lorin Maazel: Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet.: 

I listened to this again and again when writing about Dorian and Celaena’s first kiss (and Chaol’s scene after the ball).

“Optimus Vs. Megatron” and “Scorponok”: Steve Jablonsky: Transformers: The Score; “Royce Vs. Predator” : John Debney: Predators (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):

Listened to these 3 tracks on repeat while writing the Celaena vs. the Ridderak scene.

Night of Terror”: Clint Mansell: Black Swan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): 

Listened to this A LOT while writing all the scenes from Kaltain’s POV.

“Farewell” : Danny Elfman: Terminator Salvation (Original Soundtrack): 

Inspired the moment when Nehemia gives Celaena her staff. And when Celaena thanks Chaol before her duel.

“Duelist”: Revolutionary Girl Utena: (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture): 

Totally inspired Celaena’s duel with Grave.

“Shura!”: Revolutionary Girl Utena (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture):

 Celaena’s duel with Cain. (For the FP fans, this was also the inspiration behind the original dueling sequence in the FP version of the book)

“Boarding Up The House”: James Newton Howard : Signs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): 

This piece inspired the moment during the duel with Cain when Chaol kneels down on the other side of the white line and tells Celaena to get up. (mostly the stuff that starts at the 1:15 and onward mark)

“Decepticons”: Steve Jablonsky: Transformers: The Score: 

 Totally inspired the moment during the duel when Cain says: “You were brought here—all of you were. All the players in the unfinished game.”

“The Great Eatlon”: James Newton Howard : Lady In the Water: 

Wrote the entire climax of the duel (no spoilers!) to this. :)

“World Collapsing”: Danny Cocke: From The Blue:

The King and Perrington’s final scene together (also thinks this sets the tone/stage for Book 2 perfectly).

“I Wanted You to Know”: John Ottman : Superman Returns (Music from the Motion Picture): 

Celaena and Chaol in her rooms after the duel (when the music swells, I think it’s pretty obvious what part it’s referring to).

“Princess Leia's Theme”: John Williams: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): 

Celaena and Dorian, when he tells her about her appointment as Champion.

“Dolphins & Ric”: J. Ralph: The Cove (Original Motion Picture Score): 

The final scene with Celaena and Elena in the tomb.

“Can You See Jane?”:  Patrick Doyle: Thor (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture): 

The final scene in the book (with Celaena and Chaol), when she says “Tell me tomorrow.”

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And check out the brilliant book trailer too:

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Well, I hope you all enjoyed the playlist as much as I did!  Just to remind you all, don't forget to check out the rest of the tour and the extract as well!  Now, for those of you who dwell in the UK or Ireland, do enter the giveaway below to win yourself a copy of the amazing book!  Enter now, before it's too late!  The giveaway closes 3rd October so enter now!!  :)

Throne of Glass Extract


Ryan Simpson said...

YAY FOR GIVEAWAY! My favourite song on the playlist has to be the World Collapsing one - LOVE IT! :D

Alyson Chapman said...

Inspired playlist; great choices. Some well known, others not so much. I'm sure they'll fit really well with the storyline.

Ebony Black Lines said...

Great post I have Throne Of Glass on my bookshelf waiting to review! :) x

Leanne Lunn said...

I wanted you to know

katrinao said...

Loving Princess Leia's Theme - ah memories

laurafergs said...

Mine's “Night of Terror” from Black Swan! :-)

Daphne said...

I love Duelist from Utena!

Kulsuma said...

I love The Transformers score!