Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Month of Guests 2013: Spinbreakers

I'm super pleased to have some of the brilliant members of Spinebreakers here today, telling us all about their fave YA genres!!  Spinebreakers is an awesome site for book-loving teens, run by the people at Penguin and at Livity, and is the perfect place to find awesome books and meet other book-lovers!  Now, over to the Spinebreakers!! :D

Amber: AKA The Mile Long Bookshelf
Twitter: @MileLongBookS
Hi! My favourite book genre is Contemporary because I can relate to it more. Contemporary fiction is, in my opinion, a book that contains realistic scenes and relatable content that shows true-to-life teens dealing with situations just like us. Those books usually make me feel like I'm there with the characters. I love reading Contemporary books and they seem more fun than other genres! Some great Contemporary authors are Sarah Dessen and Luisa Plaja.

Rachel: AKA Booktastic Reviews
Twitter: @BooktasticR

My favourite genre - at the minute anyway - is dystopian because I love all the different, terrifying worlds the authors create and how the main character usually goes through some developments! :)

Zoe: AKA Bookhi
Twitter: @Bookhi_blog
Blog: Bookhi
My favourite genre is... hmmm.... dystopian! That was tricky! I read so much dystopian and never get tired of it because there are so many different ways to carry out this genre. They are usually fast-paced, interesting and so original.

Ruby: AKA Feed Me Books Now!!!
Twitter: @RubyEatsBooks
My favourite genre is fantasy because it gives us limitless possibilities of war-ravaged worlds worse than our own and desirable kingdoms much better. The whole genre is a feast for the imagination but also a twisted reflection of the world we live in.

Juwi: The Book Guru 
Twitter: @juwithemad
Um, I don't have a fave genre. Sorry!  I just love a good story whether it's fantasy or comedy.

Orli: AKA Orli The Bookworm
It's so hard to pick a favourite genre, because it genuinely depends on my mood. If I have a particularly arduous day, chances are, I won't want to read a war novel - I'll want to escape to a fantasy or a dystopia to distract from the day. If I'm in the bath and feeling rather perky (does anyone say that anymore?), I'll read a girly book, usually slightly trashy. I also go through phases, a few months ago, I was obsessive and only read Dystopia, whereas a few months before that it was only chick lit. I'd say, overall, the two genres that have stayed with me throughout my life are fantasy and realism. Fantasy allows me to connect, unearth and distinguish a whole new world, whereas realism allows me to make friends and live lives I could live, but never will, and to be inspired. But, you know what? The more genres, the merrier. I'm very happy having a selection.


Thank you so much for this, Spinebreakers!!  What is your fave genres everyone? :D
Hope you all enjoyed their post! And don't forget to check out Spinebreakers, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook!! 
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