Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Our New Blog: Girls Of YA

The Girls of YA

Hiya, lovely followers!  I have some super exciting news: I'm starting up a new blog with a new partner: Emma from Never Judge A Book By Its Cover!  We've been Twitter buds for a while and talk book all the time (though she's yet to give in to my constant pestering and FINALLY read Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout!)  So when Emma asked if I wanted to do a joint blog with her I said: "Hells yes".  We both love our own blogs and it's been so much fun to have a partner to Read, Fangirl and Design with!  And so The Girls Of YA was born!

We're going to have a feature a week, and these features are...

She Says, She Says - A Joint Review of a book

From Girl To Girl - Where we each suggest a book for the other to read (Emma, I WILL keep making my pick Obsidian 'til you cave.  Just sayin'.)

From The Minds Of The Girls - Where we each design a graphic based on a book: a cover, a badge, something quote-related

So it should all be really really fun!  And we really hope all of our followers from our individual blogs stop by The Girls Of YA and love it as much as we already do!   We promise everything we do will be fresh, unique and exciting!  The blog goes live with our first 'proper' post ...  Stop by to hear what The Girls Of YA have to say!! :D

To find out more please visit our brand new blog at: 

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