Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Book Addicted Gossip Girl

Ok, I have a whole load of bookish stuff and news to ramble about now, that you all probably know anyway, but oh well!

Teardrop necklaceTeardrop by Lauren Kate is being published in just one week, people!!!  I don't know about, but I'm super excited for this!  It's such an amazing book!!  And to get the hype up, RandomHouse are having an awesome competion!  You need to watch this video, and then tweet about the last thing that made you cry, using #Teardrop, for your chance to win a personalised signed copy of Teardrop and a gorgeous teardrop necklace!!!  The comp ends 10th November 2013 and terms and conditions apply.  See more: here.  And watch this video!! :D

I don't know about you guys but I love Sarah Crossan's Breathe.  Listen to her talk about the inspiration behind her books by watching this clip!! :D

Check out all these gorgeous Strange Chemistry covers!  I don't know which one I love best - maybe The Almost Girl or Under Nameless Skies or Feather Bound or... ok, I just love them all!!  Click on the cover to find out more about the book!! :D

Oh, and I'm FINALLY on Tumblr!  Check it out: I've joined the 21st century, people!! :D  My Tumblr!  *bows*
Oh, and keep an eye on Fierce Fiction... something exciting will be going down soon... :D

All right, that's all for now!  Happy Teardrop Tuesday! :D 

Well, until next time, The Book Addicted Gossip Girl, out! ;)

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