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Finding Sky by Joss Stirling

Series: Benedict, Book One
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
Published: First: September 2010
This Edition: 2nd June 2011
Number of Pages: 320
Book: Bought
Genre: Paranormal, Dark Romance, Urban Fantasy, Magic, Action, YA
Recommended Age: 12+
Contains: Violence, Death, Some Swearing
No Alcohol, Drug References
Author's Blog: Joss Stirling

Sky has a secret past.  Having buried the truth of her traumatic childhood deep inside, she’s something of a mystery, even to herself.
Starting a new school, she catches her first glimpse of Zed.  He stalks the corridors, a god-like creature among mortals.  Sky is dumbfounded when he seems drawn to her, but there’s more to Zed – and to Sky – than she realises.
You have half out gifts, I have the other…

Sky has been damaged by something – or someone – in her childhood: something she doesn’t remember.  It’s left her shy, scared and afraid to love.  She knows that love leads to hurt.  Sky was in foster care, unable to communicate, or even remember her own name, until, at the age of ten, Simon and Sally adopted her, and slowly brought her out of her shell.  Now the three of them have moved to the Colorado, USA to run an arts centre, where Sky meets bad-boy Zed, one of the seven Benedict brothers.  She can’t understand why he takes such an interest in her, or why she can hear his voice inside her head.  But then he reveals what he is, and a long suppressed truth about Sky is discovered…   Can Sky accept who she really is – in time to save Zed and the rest of his family?
Now, I read a lot of paranormal books.  This book stood out: it was so different, so unique and just, well, incredible.  The supernatural aspect is a brand new world with special people called Savants.  They all have individual gifts, such as mind reading, seeing the future, “handling energy” (creating explosions, fire) and healing.  Then they all have common powers: telepathic communication and telekinesis.  These gifts lead to a fair few laughs, and a few “lassoing the egg” comments (you’ll get that if you read Finding Sky).  But what I really loved was the whole Soulfinder aspect, which is the most romantic and inventive soul-mate idea I’ve ever read about.  Altogether, Finding Sky created a completely new kind of paranormal being: one that I would die to be.
Sky (whose full name is Sky Bright – Simon and Sally are the artistic type) is a self-conscious girl, who often feels as if she’s incomplete, like some part of her is missing.  I loved her, and the way her mind wandered.  She would come up with comic-book images and names to keep herself from getting hurt.  These nicknames were hilarious: “Elasto-man”, “Music Master, Harbinger of Doom” and “Wicked Wolfman”.  Mr Wolfman, also known as Zed, was brilliant.  He may act like the school’s bad-boy, with his bike and disrespect for authority, but underneath he was perfect.  With just the right amount of stubbornness, confidence and wonderful sweetness, I am officially Team Zed.  I love him!
The plot may not have been the fastest, but the concept was perfect.  The bad guy was evil.  The good guys were amazing.  And the romance was believable.  Even though there are soul-mates, there’s no love-at-first-sight.  Instead, the romance is slow, sweet, beautiful, perfect.  Once again, an aspect I’d die for.
Now I just have to mention the seven Benedict boys: Trace, Uriel, Victor, Will, Xavier, Yves and Zed (yes, really: T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z).  I loved them all, Zed, Xavier and Yves probably being my favourites.  They all made me laugh, the family dynamics were completely realistic, and they are just as good as the Drake boys, from The Drake Chronicles.  Their parents were just as wonderful, with their insanely brilliant mother, and strong, caring father.  And as for Sky’s parents, well, they would do anything for her and loved her so, so much – and for that, I loved them.
The single thing I would’ve liked to see is more action.  The majority of the book is a psychologically powerful struggle inside Sky’s head.  I just wish that there were more outward struggles sooner on, if that makes any sense.  The bad guys just weren’t as present as I would’ve liked, coming in around half-way through the book.  Then again, if they had been, there wouldn’t have been as much of the wonderfully romantic and touching scenes between Sky and Zed…  Hmm, I think I change my mind: it’s perfect.
I simply adore this world, with its humour, love, action and suspense.  I am so glad I don’t have to wait for the next book, that I have it right here beside me as I write this review.  I just hope that there is a long series in the future, with one for each brother’s Soulfinder perhaps?  Either way, I know that whatever Joss Stirling brings out next, I will be the first in line to buy.  Her mind is brilliant, her writing beautiful and her characters realistic.  I am off to read Stealing Phoenix, which is out September this year: I just know it’s going to be just as amazing as Finding Sky.

Star Rating:
4¾ Out of 5


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Racheyyy! said...

Great review! Sounds really good, the synopsis is so teasing...

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Sorry it's so long!
And, yes, teasing is how I roll! ;)

Liz. R said...

I've been wanting to read this for ages! Glad you enjoyed it - and how cool that the seven brother names follow the alphabet like that! Can't wait to pick this one up, thanks for the review!

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

It's brilliant: I really recommend it! And I know! They all have descriptions as well like: Trace, tough; Uriel, ultra intelligent; Victor, very mysterious; Will, wacky; Xavier, X-treme sports and Yves, yummy. There's nothing for Zed, but I guess Joss couldn't find an adjective... I know I can't think of one! Thank you! :D

Cliona said...

This is a brilliant review! Although I don't think I'll be reading this book :P Even though you make it so inviting! It just doesn't sound very different from other books out there at the moment. Sorry :)

Mariz Denver said...

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