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Thin Air Blog Tour: 10 Little-Known Facts About THIN AIR and Me (Lynn Seresin, Its Author)

Before I hand over to Lynn, I'd like to say how nice it is to have her here!  Also, if you want to see more about Thin Air, go to any of these links:

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Now I've said all that, I'll hand over to Lynn, with her 10 Little-Know Facts...

I earned a teaching degree about five years ago. Though I never officially had my own classroom, I worked as a substitute elementary school teacher for a year and student-taught in a kindergarten classroom. The kids were so adorable!

After leaving a career in children’s publishing, I earned a Masters in Psychology and worked in a psychiatric day-treatment program with chronic schizophrenics. It was the hardest and most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

THIN AIR almost didn’t get published. It actually sat in my computer for over a year before I decided to self-publish it. I’m really glad I did. Overall, the reactions to my book have been very positive and heart-warming.

I actually lifted the characters of Dante, Shane, Wren, and Nicky from another novel I’d written that I had decided against publishing. I really liked the characters, though, and I didn’t want to waste them!

My first book, written and illustrated when I was six years old, was called “The Fairy of the Sea”. I still have it. I guess even then I was drawn to the fey and winged beings!

The face of Alice on the front cover of THIN AIR belongs to my beautiful, sixteen-year- old daughter, Chloe.

Chloe is actually a brunette with hazel eyes. We changed her hair color to blonde and gave her blue eyes in Photoshop to match Alice’s coloring.

In addition to an assortment of flowers and two hummingbirds, I have eight tattoos of butterflies on my body, one of which looks a lot like the butterfly on the cover of THIN AIR.

I grew up in New York City’s Greenwich Village and actually attended NYU as an undergraduate (for a BA in English) and graduate (for a MA in Psychology) student.

(10) All of the restaurants and stores mentioned in THIN AIR are based on actual locales (in
some cases, the names were slightly altered), except for Gladiolus. The tiny boutique where
Alice gets her tarot read by Minerva is completely fictitious.
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Cliona said...

What a great post! I love the way you used characters from another one of your books! This sounds fab :)

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Lynn did a great job! I'm so glad she used all of the characters - Dante's my favourite! :D And the book's ace!