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The Devil’s Triangle by Mark Robson

Series: The Devil's Triangle, Book One
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Format: Paperback
Published: 31st May 2011
Book: For Review*
Genre: Science-Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Action-Adventure, Fantasy, YA
Recommended Age: 12+
Contains: Violence, Death, Mild Swearing
No Alcohol, Drug References
Author's Site: Mark Robson

The legend comes to life…
The Bermuda Triangle has cast a shadow over Sam and Niamh Cutler’s lives since teir mother vanished nine years ago.  Her whereabouts remains a mystery and every year the twins return to the Florida Keys with their father, Matt, who is obsessed with solving the haunting puzzle.
But Sam is bored with lazing around by the pool while his father hunts for the truth.  Craving excitement, he and his friend, Callum, “borrow” Matt’s boat.  At first it’s great fun, but when they find themselves marooned in a terrifying land, the boys realise they too have fallen victim to the Triangle’s mysterious effects.  Can they find a way home, or will they be lost forever?

Sam and Niamh’s mother disappeared when they were kids.  No one knows where or how she vanished, but Matt, the twins’ father thinks it has something to do with the Bermuda Triangle.  Every year the family return to the place she disappeared from, thanks to Matt’s obsession with finding his wife.
Only, this year Sam is bored and sick of his father’s empty promises and obsession.  So with his best mate, Callum, Sam ‘borrows’ his father’s boat.  What started out as a great laugh soon turned into chaos and a strange world of monsters and mystery.  They have become the pray of the Devil’s Triangle – can they escape or will they remain stuck there forever?
I started to read this the moment it landed on my doormat.  I mean, c’mon!  Sci-fi twist on the Bermuda Triangle!  Which happens to be one of the coolest natural mysteries, way up there with Stonehenge, Lock Ness and Justin Beiber…  And blimey was it good.  I was just sucked in and couldn’t stop reading.  I officially need to read Book 2 (thank God I have it already!) and I’m seriously thinking of getting another Robson series.  So… awesome book, in shorter words.
I loved Sam Cutler: the outspoken, athletic and confident twin.  He had a good sense of humour and was brilliantly cheeky.  While he was a trouble maker, he was also clever and logical, and such a brilliant survivor.  Driven, friendly and supportive, he was a natural leader and so good at keeping him and Callum alive.
Niamh Cutler was brilliant: cheerful and teasing, she seemed to be the calm and mature twin.  She was quick witted and level headed, but also snarky and feisty!  She was brave and determined, but I couldn’t help being shocked that she was flirting while her brother was missing!  Then again, teenager girls always do think of guys at just the wrong time, don’t they?  And Tony was rather hot!
Sam and Niamh’s twin bond was amazingly described and really clever.  Niamh got images of what Sam was going through and his emotions.  Sam could sense her strong emotions.  But Niamh couldn’t use it to find Sam.  The magnetic thingy in the Triangle was scrambling Niamh’s feelings… hence not being able to sense him.
Callum, Sam’s best friend, was awesome!  He had a great sense of humour and was really snarky, along with being a curious, clever geek!  While he was sensible and logical, he was always up for Sam’s jokes.  What I really liked about his was his ability to keep up the humour in the most difficult places: he really made me laugh!
Matt Cutler, was obsessed with the Bermuda Triangle, and never gave up on finding his wife.  Which is rather romantic, if you ask me.  While he could be moody at times he was great with boats and planes, relaxed and powerful under pressure. 
All the various characters were awesome, and I loved that all the minor ones felt so real and padded out.  Carrie was one I adored – she was so sweet and cheerful and helpful.  And Carrie’s brother Tony was just yummy!  Moira Mitchell was one of my favourites, even though she was a super minor character.  Her sense of humour and wonderful drawl were brilliant and funny. 
The writing was brilliant.  I loved the teen-ness in the kids’ voices, and how American the Florida folk sounded.  But more importantly: the action!  It was non-stop and wrapped in mystery – my favourite kind!  And I could see everything as I read – especially the world.  And I loved the plot!  Some bits were obvious (thanks to the blurb or common, maybe hopeful, sense) but everything Robson made up was unforeseeable!  I was hooked, desperate to know more about the world, if the boys would be able to get home, if… And, man, did I not see this one particular twist coming.  Just an overall awesome book packed with adventure and mystery.  Yay!
I loved the world!  A sulphur-smelling sea, a crocodile-sea-lion-whale-looks-like-its-about-to-eat-me thing, communist dinosaurs, advanced technology…  Yeah, welcome to the Devil’s Triangle, people!  Unlike anything I’d ever read about before, I completely feel in love with the world.  And Nipper, one of the raptors.  (Is that strange?)  But I loved the parallel to us: global warming and how much you’re willing to put at stake for technology and power – bearing in mind the method is killing the planet and endangering the inhabitants.  Mark’s imagination was just amazing!  I would never have been able to think up even the most basic bit of his world – and my imagination is worryingly vivid.  Just… wow!  A wow world, for a wow book by a wow author… More please?!

Star Rating:
4½ Out of 5

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* This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review
Number of Pages: 400


Cliona said...

Which happens to be one of the coolest natural mysteries, way up there with Stonehenge, Lock Ness and Justin Bieber… <- Hehe, I love this! :)

This looks amazing! I would love to read it. Fab review, I find the Bermuda Triangle fascinating!

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

;) I couldn't resist that joke!
It's a great read: I really recommend it!! :D