Saturday, 24 March 2012

On My Wishlist (#26)

On My Wishlist is an awesome weekly meme hosted by Book Chick City that runs every Saturday. It's a place where you can put up all the books you're desperate to read, but haven't actually bought them yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming. And, even better, everyone can join in with too, because there's a Mr Linky so you can put your post up. All you have to do is click on the link below:

I haven't done this in forever, but today I bring two books I am really, really wishing for!  And they are...
The World of the Hunger GamesThe World of the Hunger Games
By: Kate Egan
Published: 23rd March 2012
Published By: Scholastic
Found: On Amazon
Synopsis From Goodreads:
The definitive, richly illustrated, full-color guide to all the districts of Panem, all the participants in "The Hunger Games," and the life and home of Katniss Everdeen.
Ah-hem.  Yes.  I may be mildly obsessed with HG at the mo... But C'MON!!  Hunger Games!!!!!! 
The LookThe Look
By: Sophia Bennett
Published: 1st March 2012
Published By: Chicken House
Found: Everywhere! 
Synopsis From Goodreads:
Ted is fifteen, and...oh yes...tall. When she's spotted by a model agency, she can't believe it.
At the same time, Ted's fashionista sister, Ava, is diagnosed with cancer. With her world turned upside down, Ted has a lot of growing up to do, some of it in five-inch platforms. Should she be the model sister for Ava? Life in front of the camera is harder than it looks. And will they still be smiling when it’s over?
I've seen so many amazing reviews of this one, so I can't wait to get my hands on it!!
Well, that's a couple of books I'm a-wishin' for this week!
What's on your wishlist today? :D


Beverley said...

I REALLY need to read The Hunger Games! And I hope you get your hands on The Look soon, it's a fab book :)

Ebony Black Lines said...

I Have The Hunger Games And Just A Tip..i got Them REALLY cheap From The Book people Magazine! Check them out! Also Same! If You get The look. Will you do a review of it for me?.. :) x

Cliona said...

Despite not liking the book, I am actually really looking forward to seeing the movie! The hype is addictive :) You will love The Look too, it's amazing :)

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Beverley: You REALLY do!! It's amazing! I promise to do all I can to get The Look! ;)
Ebony: Ditto! Gotta love The Book People! ;) Well, I've not got it yet, but if I do I'll email you :)
Cliona: I scream every time I see a movie poster. It drives my family/friends insane. ;) I saw your review and it made me want i more! :D