Sunday, 4 March 2012

In My Mailbox (#47)

In My Mailbox was created by Kristi at The Story Siren. It's a perfect way to see who's reading and review what. Awesome!

I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers Bloomsbury invited to meet Celia Rees, who is one of my favourite authors ever.  It was great to meet her, and all the other bloggers, and it was so interesting to hear her talk about what inspired her to write This Is Not Forgiveness (Jules et Jim).  I loved hearing about her writing habits and all her tips: always carry a notebook, being the main one!  It was lovely to meet all the bloggers there, and Celia - of course! - and Emma from Bloomsbury. 
Now, I need your help people! 
For Fortnight of Guests 2012 (check out the 2011 Fortnight), I'm having two events: one for authors, one for bloggers.  So it's really a month of guests!  And Celia has agreed to take part and I need you to come up with a topic you'd love her to write about.  Leave one in the comments, please? :D
Anyway, this is what I got this week...

From Celia Rees Evening:

This is Not Forgiveness by Celia Rees (Goodreads | Amazon)
We were all given a finished copy of this (see my review: here), and it's just so beautiful!  I loved this book and I love the cover! 
Burn Mark by Laura Powell (Goodreads | Amazon)
Ancient Witchcraft.  Modern World.
I was desperate to read this: it looks so good - modern day witchcraft!  And I've started reading it, and it is so good!!
Dead Time (The Murder Notebooks, Book One) by Anne Cassidy  (Goodreads | Amazon)
I also can't wait to read this one!  I've read something by Cassidy before, and loved it, so I can't wait to read this one!

This Is Not Forgiveness by Celia Rees (Goodreads | Amazon)
Sovay by Celia Rees (Goodreads | Amazon)
Both books I already owned, and the lovely Celia signed for me.

For Review:

The Revenge of Praying Mantis (Hattori Hachi, Book One) by Jane Prowse (Goodreads | Amazon)
Stalking the Enemy (Hattori Hachi, Book Two) by Jane Prowse (Goodreads | Amazon)
These both look great as well!  I can't wait to read them - martial arts!  Yay!  The third in the series is as yet unpublished, as it's part of a new method of publishing through Unbound.  Here's what they said in the email they sent to me:
"Unbound, a new and innovative publishing company that uses crowd-funding to get books published. This means that readers get a direct say in the publishing process. For more information please visit"
They're hoping to publish a special hardback edition of all three books, the third has yet to be released.  To check out the pitch video, go: here.
Advent by James Treadwell (Goodreads | Amazon)
It Begins.
It Has Begun.
An Open Door.
This one just looks too good!  I cannot wait to get stuck in - the bit I've read of it is amazing!  And MAGIC!  Yay!  I love magic books!


 Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, Book One) by Moira Young (Goodreads | Amazon)
I've been wanting to read this one since the moment I first saw it on the blogosphere, so I'm super excited to read it!  And I adore the new paperback cover!
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer Smith (Goodreads | Amazon)
This looks ace as well - YA chick-lit!  Yay! :D
Falling Fast by Sophie McKenzie (Goodreads | Amazon)
This Is Life, Not A Rehearsal
I love, love, love all of Sophie's books, so I can't wait to get stuck into this one!
Code Name Verity by Eliazbeth Wein (Goodreads | Amazon)
I Have Told The Truth
I saw this on Sammee's blog, and couldn't resist buying it.  I love WW2 books!
The End of the World (Skulduggery Pleasant, Book 6.5: World Book Day) by Derek Landy (Goodreads | Amazon)
I adore this series!  I really must read it all again, because I love it so much!

Well, that's me.  I think I may have gone OTT on the buying of the books...  Nah!  ;)

What was in your mailbox this week? :)


Cliona said...

Fantastic books!!! I think Celia could write about...the publication process of her books? Her favourite historical fiction books/authors? Pros/Cons about writing? Her inspirations to become an author? Hope I helped :)

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Cliona: You sure did!! You're a star! I'm going to email Celia with the themes that come up most and see which one she likes best! Thank you!! :D