Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My New Year Resolutions

Ok, so I am notoriously crappy at making/keeping resolutions.  But this year I am determined!  So, to encourage me, I'll post my resolutions here.  It'll hopefully give me a better sense of motivation, y'know?  Well, in theory…
Anyhoo, these are my top ten resolutions.  :)
1.   To not buy as many books (yeah right, good luck with that one!)
2.    If we do get a puppy/puppies, not to spoil it too much! 
3.  To work as hard as possible on everything - education, blog, reading, writing, puppy training, being a good friend/sister/daughter/owner, everything
4.  To do memes - and actually do them all, every week - I suck at that!
5.  To host more giveaways and guest posts (drop me a comment if you're interested!)
6.  To finish the book I'm working on - the first in a trilogy!  It's all in my head, I just need the time to write it all!
7.    Review books AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after reading!
8.   Not to record as many TV shows - I'm a serial series linker.  Oops!  Better than a serial killer though, right? ;)
9.    To try not to be as twisted and watch/read less freaky, disturbing shows/books
10.To read more contemp romances - last year’s resolution too, totally failed.  I'll do better this time, Sammee, I swear!!
Whew.  That's scary.  There are a lot.  Fingers crossed I can keep one or two!  ;)
What're you guys resoluting (is that even a word?) to do in the brand spanking new year of 2013?  Let me know! :D

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Catherine@thebookparade said...

YES! One thing I really need to do as well is review books as soon as I finish them! I'm so bad at that! I just kind of leave it and then before I know it a week, then two weeks...or more...have gone and I can't remember what I wanted to say!

I'm so bad at keeping up with memes too! I'm only taking part in one at the moment though, Waiting On Wednesday, and I'm trying to write the posts ahead of time and schedule them...hopefully it works out... I have problems with organisation though... o_0