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#PenguinChats: Beautiful Creatures Character Profiles, Pictures and Extract

Ok, so those of you who read my earlier post on #PenguinChats might remember what this is all about.  Those who didn't: don't worry!  You don't need to jump back to another post: I'll explain it all really quick before you get onto the fun stuff!  Well, the basic idea of #PenguinChats is to connect us bloggers and readers with authors on Twitter for a 30 minute chat.  Our first authors are, you may have guessed, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl - we get to chat with them 27th January at 8pm GMT and all you need to do to take part is use the trend #penguinchats - squeee!  
Also, there are a whole bunch of blogging partners, myself included, that have a whole load of scrummy Beautiful Creatures content.  This is one of them - fun Beautiful Creatures Character Profiles!  I hope you enjoy them:D
To check out more and to find out all the blogging partners taking part, head on over to the Penguin Chats Blog!

Character Profiles

Ethan Lawson Wate

Ethan is 16 years old and is the books narrator. Six months prior to the start of the book his mother was killed in a car crash and, since then, his father has become a recluse, rarely leaving his library. Ethan dreams of leaving Gatlin to travel the world and fears becoming stuck like many of the town’s residents.

He meets and falls deeply in love with Lena Duchannes, a Caster, and also discovers that he and his family are more involved with the darkness of the Caster world than he could have ever imagined.

Lena Duchannes

Lena is an outsider in a small town like Gatlin, regarded with suspicion by many who misunderstand her. She was born a Natural Caster – an extremely rare type of Caster with incredibly powerful supernatural abilities. When we first meet her, Lena is awaiting her 16th birthday, when she will discover if she will be claimed by the Dark or the Light. Her deepest fear is of becoming Dark and turning into a cruel and evil Caster.

Before moving to Gatlin, Lena has recurring dreams of a teenage boy who saves her and when she meets Ethan, she realises he is the boy in her dreams. But can he save her? Or will her Caster powers be too dangerous for a mortal like Ethan?


Wesley Jefferson Lincoln, better known as Link, is Ethan’s best friend and the on/off love interest of Lena’s cousin Ridley Duchannes. His life, like Ethan’s, changes upon the arrival of Lena in Gatlin when he discovers the existence of the Caster world – and falls in love with the dangerous Siren, Ridley.

Macon Ravenwood

Macon ‘Melchizedek’ Ravenwood, is Lena’s uncle and was chosen to watch over her until her 16th birthday. Despite his reputation as the ‘bogeyman’ of Gatlin, he is kind, generous and will go to any length to protect those he loves. He is rarely seen without his dog Boo, whom he describes as his “eyes.”

Ridley Duchannes

Ridley (born Julia) Duchannes is Lena’s cousin and childhood ex-best friend, as well as the on/off girlfriend of Link. She became Dark on her 16th birthday and is also a Siren – a seductress who can easily entrap and control human minds. Ridley is wild, stubborn and rebellious, and when armed with a red lollipop, can make people do anything she wants. Despite being Dark, she genuinely cares for Lena and risks her life to help Ethan and Link save her cousin.


Amarie Treadeau, better know as Amma, is Ethan’s nanny and has been with the Wate family for many years. She cares for Ethan as any mother would, after his own mother died and is fiercely protective of him. Amma is also a Seer – she is able to see back to the past and also see into the future, as well as contact the spirits of the deceased.

Yay!  I don't know about you guys, but I'm scary excited!  And how gorgeous are those poster/pictures?!  
Now, last post I showed you a brilliant extract from the book's prolgue.  Today, you're getting the awesome first chapter!  Hope you enjoy it! :D

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Is falling in the love the beginning . . . or the end? In Ethan Wate’s hometown there lies the darkest of secrets . . .
There is a girl.
There is a curse.
In the end, there is a grave.
Ethan never even saw it coming.

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