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Dracula by Bram Stoker

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Publisher: Penguin Books
Format: Paperback
Published: This addition: 2010
First published: 1887
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When blood is the bounty, purity is priceless.
Count Dracula’s castle is a hellish world where night is day, pleasure is pain and the blood of the innocent is prized above all.  Young Jonathan Harker is begged by the locals not to go there – but business must be done.
So Jonathan approaches the dark gates and then his nightmare begins.  His beloved wife, Mina, and other lost souls have fallen under the Count’s horrifying spell.  Dracula must be destroyed...

Bram Stoker: the creator of the modern vampire and one of the best known vampires of all.  This book did not let the movies down: it was far, far, far better.  There’s a quote in the blurb by Christopher Lee that says, “Nobody has ever filmed it like Bram Stoker wrote it” and it’s so true. 
Unlike a lot of classics, Dracula isn’t a heavy read, despite its length, it’s actually written in quite a modern for a book so old.  And although there are some old-fashioned sexist ideas and out-of-date immediate friendships, it’s probably one of my favourite classics ever.
The story line is brilliant, and I loved the way it was written from most of the lead character’s points of views.  It’s written in diary form, with a few newspaper clippings in that have been pasted into journals. 
Dracula is full of beautiful yet deadly vampires, a Count who can control the elements, wolves, bats and has powers beyond any you can imagine, a group of heroes on a quest to kill them and two heroines who’s souls are in danger because of the monsters.  It had me gripped from the first time Jonathan (one of the narrators) was warned and begged not to go to the castle of the Count Dracula from the locals, who all appear to be terrified of him and his home.  It grips you from there; how Jonathan begins to piece everything together, the heartbreak of losing a loved one, the terror and hypnotism of the three female vampires and the ruthless sophistication of Count Dracula.
I loved this book and all its characters, from the smart, if a little mad, Van Helsing, to sweet, loving Mina, to her brave husband and their three friends, all of whom are amazing. 
I couldn’t recommend this book enough, especially as it is the inspiration for all my favourite books.  It’s a brilliant story, that holds you in its trance until the end.  Must read for all vampire-addicts.

Star Rating:
5 Out of 5

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Midnyte Reader said...

You wrote a great post and brought to light some things I didn't think of, which is why I love books discussions. I didn't know that Christopher Lee said that quote and it is so, so true. I also think your observation of the "ruthless sophistication" of Dracula and the "little mad" Van Helsing is very astute.

abigail burrows said...

Love your review of one of my favourite reads, you've done it justice!

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