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Frostbite by Richelle Mead

Series: Vampire Academy, Book Two
Publisher: Penguin
Format: Paperback
Published: UK: 2009 (USA: 2008)
Book: Bought
Number of Pages: 336
Genre: Dark Romance, Action, Fantasy, YA

Warning: Could be spoilers!

Winter break turns deadly.
A massive vampire attack has put St Vladimir’s Academy on high alert.  With the deadly creatures closing in, this year’s trip to the wintery peaks of Idaho has just become mandatory.
But Rose Hathaway can’t escape her (guy) troubles.  Her relationship with gorgeous tutor Dimitri can never be and her closest friend has his confessed to his huge crush on her...
The glittering winter landscape may seem like the perfect hideaway – but Rose, and her heart, are in more danger than she ever imagined. 

I fell in love with the series from the first book, and with the smart-mouth, impulsive Rose and the sweet, charismatic Lissa, and Frostbite definitely didn’t let me down. 
Told for Rose’s point of view again, with glimpses into Lissa’s via Rose and their unique psychic bond, the book is fast paced, exciting and just as addictive as the first.  It starts with a brief introduction to the characters and the story so far, before diving straight into Rose’s boy trouble and a huge Strigoi attack that leave both the Moroi and the dhampir worlds reeling. 
And from there, Richelle Mead just drags you in with more and more action, romance and suspense.  She had me completely hooked until the end.  Going from Rose’s many boy troubles to the more sinister worries of what the Strigoi will do next, and more importantly: what – and if – the Moroi and the dhampirs are going to do to stop them... 
Once again, I have to say just have to say how much I love Rose.  She has this way of looking at things: she can go from being slightly petty when it comes to certain subjects to being completely oblivious to her own safety when it comes to keeping her best friend safe.  It’s really rather refreshing and often very funny.   I love the impulsive side of her: the one that makes her so sarcastic but I also really like it when she shows the side that makes you see just how calm and mature she can be: once again, when it comes to Lissa. 
Lissa is still selfless as ever, struggling slightly with her element the spirit, but just as loveable as before.  Her boyfriend, Christian, really makes me laugh, too, even if he really annoys Rose, and I like his complete devotion to Lissa: it’s really cute. 
I really love Dimitri, too, with his Zen life lessons and responsible way of looking at things. 
All in all, another brilliant book of danger, vampires, death, romance and more than a little violence, that somehow manages to make you laugh one minute and have you hooked from the suspense the next.  I loved Frostbite even more than the first book, and once again I loved Richelle’s way of writing and her story line that grips you from the word go.  I honestly can’t wait to read about more of Rose’s escapades and the world she lives in: just love it!

Star Rating:
5 Out of 5

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Great review! You described the awesomeness of Rose perfectly!This is one of my favorite books in the series :)