Monday, 21 February 2011

X Marks the Spot (The X Files #1) by Les Martin

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback
Published: 1996
Created and Based on the Teleplay By: Chris Carter
Number of Pages: 118
Book: Borrowed (From Library)
Genre: Sci-Fi, YA

Class of the Doomed.
The FBI thinks Fox Mulder is weird - or worse.  He keeps insisting that aliens are running amok on earth.  His lovely and level-headed partner, Agent Dana Scully, is supposed to keep him in line.  But that's hard to do when they're investigating an Oregon high school class full of corpses and the walking dead.
Yes, Mulder's theories about the class of '89 are beyond strange.  But in a world where minds are turned off like lights, bodies blossom with otherworldly scars, and the night explodes with blinding evil, Fox Mulder may not be weird at all.  He may just be the one with the answers nobody's ready to hear...
Ok, I’ll admit that the main reason I picked this up is because it was the only book starting with ‘X’ that I could find.  I’ve seen some of the series on TV, but haven’t really followed it so much, even though I really like it.
This book was... really good actually.  Strange, kind of scary and full of weird events, this book had me hooked.  Also, it set the scene really well, without sending me into information overdrive.
‘Spooky Mulder’ is obsessed with the unusual cases: The X Files.  This fixation worries the FBI, especially as they think he’d go to any lengths to get the truth.  So they send by-the-book agent, Dana Scully, to keep an eye on him.  Together, the two go to a small town where bizarre deaths are cropping up: all from the same high school class.  Little do the FBI know that Mulder is very, very convincing, especially as his theories seem to be the only ones that make sense...
Mulder’s brilliant.  He doesn’t care what anyone thinks – even though some of them believe he’s insane – and he’s intuitive, frighteningly so at points.  His conviction that aliens are walking among us sometimes makes him slightly blind to other options, but as the book goes on you find out why he’s so certain, and it really makes you understand him more.  So, all in all, he’s a brilliant, smart, if slightly ‘spooky’ character.
Scully’s more down to earth, and her ideas more practical.  Sometimes she wasn’t all that open minded, but Mulder can be pretty convincing.  She’s cool, level-headed and smart: pretty much what you want in a lead girl.
Overall, a book that, honestly, I loved.  It was short, addictive and spooky, full of alien-abduction-theories and defensive locals.  The characters were great, strong and believable.  Yeah, I’m not exactly a fan of Sci-Fi, but The X Files is one in this genre that I really like, and would happily either read or watch again.

Star Rating:
4 Out of 5

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I Want To Read That said...

I am a massive fan of the X files TV show! Got to love Mulder and Scully! For some reason I've never tried the books though!

Glad you enjoyed it (and found a book for you A-Z challenge!)

Rachel said...

I have just given you the 7 Facts Award. Click HERE to see it :o)

Hey Lady! said...

Oh my gosh! I remember reading this book back in high school in 1996 (wow, that's really dating myself...). I was a HUGE fan of the show, I even wore the t-shirts and went to the conventions, needless to say I didn't date much! I remember being upset that the book wasn't more like the show, having seen every episode like, 10+ times, I was super critical. I should check it out again now that I've had some distance. Also, you should check out "Ground Zero" I remember liking that one...

Anyway, I haven't heard anything about this book in years! I love that you were able to find it and read it!