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Fortnight of Guests: Marcus Howlett (Pete Johnson Blog Tour)

Today we have Marcus Howlett from the Vampire Blog series here to tell us all about his book series and life as part of the Pete Johnson Blog Tour!  Thanks to Random House for getting me involved, and everyone check out the rest of the tour and the awesome blog! :)

Exclusive to this website: Marcus giving the low-down on the spooky and hilarious:               

          Hi, I’m Marcus and until the night of my thirteenth birthday I was as normal as you. But then it all kicked off. That was when my parents told me they were half-vampires and I was about to start changing into one too.
          I thought they’d gone mad. I hoped they had actually, as I didn’t want to turn into a weirdo and be an outcast forever. But a couple of days later I woke up to find a white fang dangling just inside my mouth.

          And then I was off on a series of wild and horrifying events which included having blood cravings at school, getting poisoned by a pizza (it had garlic in it) and being attacked by a vampire.

          Of course the first and most important rule of being a half-vampire is no human must ever discover our secret identity. Well you humans couldn’t be trusted with such sensational news, could you? So I wrote down everything that happened to me in a top secret blog – ‘THE VAMPIRE BLOG.’

          I only meant to tell you about my early days as a half-vampire. But when ‘THE VAMPIRE BLOG’ came out it caused a sensation, winning The Brilliant Book Award and becoming a best-seller, not only here but in places like Germany and Korea too.

And everyone wanted to know what happened to me next. So then came ‘THE VAMPIRE HUNTERS.’ In this book you’ll find out much more about two girls I – well, I sort of like both of them, I suppose.

          First off there’s Gracie, a girl who’s just discovered she’s a half-vampire. And girl half-vampires have one or two extra hassles. For instance, when their fang appears their face becomes as hairy as a werewolf. Gracie and I become top friends and in ‘THE VAMPIRE HUNTERS’ she even saves my life.

          The other girl I sort of like is Tallulah. I’m not sure what you’ll think of her. She can be very fierce and bad-tempered and never wears a scrap of make-up. But in my opinion she’s dead pretty and I believe she thinks I’m … but I won’t go into that here! Anyway, Tallulah is mad about vampires. And in ‘THE VAMPIRE HUNTERS’ she discovers a new sect of vampires – who are truly to be feared by everyone.
          Tallulah tracks one down and is really brave (I was quite brave too, he adds modestly) But my parents are furious and give me a massive rollicking! You see, Tallulah came very close to discovering my true identity. Then to my total horror, I’m forbidden from ever seeing her ever again.

          That’s where ‘THE VAMPIRE HUNTERS’ ends. But you all sent furious emails and texts and letters saying it couldn’t finish here. ‘We have to know if you see Tallulah again. And what’s happened to poor Gracie? And what is your special power.’ (I’m supposed to be one of the few half-vampires who has an extra talent)

          All these questions are answered in ‘THE VAMPIRE FIGHTERS,’ which could be the most dramatic and exciting of the trilogy. Here, Tallulah, Gracie and I face the most evil vampire anyone’s ever come across – The Blood Ghost.  And then it decides to start stalking ME – some people have all the luck, don’t they?

          By the end of ‘THE VAMPIRE FIGHTERS’ neither my life or Gracie’s or Tallulah’s will ever be the same again. In fact, two of us end up having to leave the village where we live.

          ‘THE VAMPIRE FIGHTERS’ is just full of shocks and surprises and has a twist towards the end which you just won’t guess. But I can’t tell you anymore right now, except I believe the ‘ME’ you’ll find at the end of ‘THE VAMPIRE FIGHTERS’ is quite different to the ‘ME’ at the start of ‘THE VAMPIRE BLOG.’ See if you agree.

          It’s been so great sharing my secret life with you. All the best from your fangtastic (sorry!) friend,

Thank you so much Marcus (and Pete!)  Everyone, check out the rest of the blog tour!   And the books - they're all awesome! :D  

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