Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fortnight of Guests: Tina's Book Reviews

Tina’s Top 10 YA Novels to Get You Outta the Reading Slump Slumps…..

Howdy friends!  I’m Tina, if we haven’t chatted before, I’m the blogger over at Tina'sBookReviews, a well-rounded blog featuring killer reviews and a side of laugh out loud goodness….{ok so I’m trying to be funny} really my blog is all about promoting great books and as a reviewer we all know how slumps can hit us over the head like a ton of bricks. In this situation I can do as follows:

A. Shut the blog down and run for the hills
B. Gorge myself on delicious brownies or……
C. Read a trusted YA that will bring me back to the love of reading.

While B is rather tempting and A would be really sad I always go with option C. So today I’m going to share ten “mood” books that help me get through those reading slumps to match whatever mood I’m feeling at the time.

1.       Twilight by Stephenie Meyer- When I’m looking for Brain Candy- this book is it. Don’t even try and pretend that you all haven’t read it and loved it!! Nothing says candy better than watching Tina, er, Bella fall in love with Edward all over again.
2.      Torrent by Lisa T. Bergren- When I’m looking for adventure- this is the third book in Lisa’s River of Time Series and while I loved them all, this one features hottie Lord Greco and a swoon worthy end that I love rereading over and over and over again.
3.      Die For Me by Amy Plum- When I’m looking for escape to romantic cities- this book says Paris and Vincent and Paris and Vincent……I have this on Audio so listening to it gets me all swoony and in the mood for a bubble bath and eating a croissant while I dream of traveling to Paris one day.
4.      There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones- When I’m looking to be inspired- this book is so sweet and really focuses on love and friendship and has a great overall message to young girls.
5.      The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins- When I’m looking to get fired up- this book is an easy world to plunge into, giving me a jolt of dystopian greatness and helping me push past the irksome I feel with the genre sometimes.
6.      Easy by Tammara Webber- When I want to feel Empowered- This book says all the things you need to hear if you've gone through a crappy break up, abuse or anything that has made you feel like crap.....and let me just say its easy to read and easy to love.
7.      If I Stay by Gayle Forman- When I’m looking for a Good Cry- this book offers up the water works….love, loss…new beginnings with a shred of hope…ugh, I’m tearing up right now.
8.     Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard- When I’m looking to Laugh- this book is perfect for a few hours of tummy rolling belly laughs.
9.      The Vampire Academy- When I’m looking for Hotness- Any of these books I can just pick up and read to get me in the mood for…drrrrr, uhhh…. vampires. These books are super sexy and recommended to the older crown {think over 17} but wow talk about toes on fire!
10.  And last but not least my cross over YA- Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire {another one that’s more suitable for the college age crowd} - When I’m looking to Shake my head- This story of Abby & Travis and how two messed up people can make even cooking a Thanksgiving turkey a debacle is a great easy novel for me to slip into when I want something a bit darker than the simple sweet romances I normally read.

Thank you so much for the amazing guest post Tina!  I loved it - and I've found some awesome new books I wanna read! :D
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Cliona said...

These all sound amazing! I've only read a couple, but will definitely be checking out more of them :)

Catherine@thebookparade said...

Yay! The Hunger Games is on your list!!! :D THG and Twilight are the only two I've read out of your list, but some of the others sound really good... Thanks for sharing! :D

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

I've picked up so many good recommendations for Tina. She makes my TBR grow faster than a speeding bullet. She knows good books!

And I'd never deny my love for Twilight. It makes me giddy just thinking about Edward. LOL