Friday 20 April 2018

Every Day: A Film Review!

Guys, this is my first ever official film review!  I hope you enjoy!  Every Day is now out at a cinema near you so don't forget to go and check it out!  You won't regret it - I loved it, if you can't tell from the gushing review you are about to read...  
So last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be invited to an early screening of Every Day, based on the book by the wonderful David Levithan and made by Orion Pictures.  I was really excited – because the book is incredible and absolutely like nothing I’d ever read before.  I always love watching film adaptations of books – and yes generally brutally comparing them to the book.  I’m a book blogger, this is what we do.
I was also really curious about how they’d show A’s life.  Because, if you haven’t read Every Day yet, A is someone who wakes up in a new body every day.  Never the same body twice, all A’s own age.  And A has accepted this – until A wakes up in Justin’s body and meets Rhiannon.  And then everything changes.
So you can see why I was intrigued about how this would be handled!  Because the book it’s all narrated from A’s perspective, so we get the inside scoop – we get this information right from the source.  
So, I arrived at the very swanky Soho hotel, armed with a notebook, a Molly (my plus one) and a lot of excitement.  Instantly, the glittery pre-film fun began.  I got my hair curled, my face painted with amazing blue glitter and my nails painted in a beautifully mermaid-y emerald green.  There was also cake and tea and all kinds of exciting things going on.  
After an hour of the glittery fun, we all headed into the cinema (this hotel was incredible - it had a mini movie theatre!) and took our seats.  And then Every Day began.
I took a notebook to make notes as I watched the film.  I completely forgot about it.  I was just utterly enthralled.  Every Day was so beautifully translated into a film – I just loved it.  It’s possibly one of my favourite ever adaptations for how faithfully it stuck to the book.  I adored Rhiannon – Angourie Rice, the actress portraying her, was perfect!  Also her interactions with her sister (played by Debby Ryan) were just everything!  And as for A – all the As were just amazing.  My favourite A is probably Nathan (Lucas Jade Zumann) – because the adorable dancing scene at the party is just too cute and perfect!  But seriously, I loved all the varied people who were chosen to select A – how they were all different but had the same sweetness I feel A has.
I also really loved how they showed A’s unique situation – they managed to explain it without the use of a narrator even before A explained everything to Rhiannon.  They very cleverly slipped in things such as A saying ‘Hello. Justin’ and setting an alarm for 11pm and 11:50pm to give those who haven’t read the book an idea of what is going on.
I am pretty sad that they missed out the Nathan story line though!  In the books, there’s this whole subplot involving Nathan (one of the bodies A inhabits, who after getting his body back is sure he was possessed by the devil) and a priest with some secrets...  I think they definitely decided to focus more on the love story between A and Rhiannon – and I can’t really complain because it was wonderfully done!  
The book is one of the most unique and beautiful books I’ve ever read.  And I honestly feel the film adaption is a brilliant translation.  It is moving and inspiring and beautiful – it made me laugh and cry and smile so very much.  I just know it’s going to be such a huge hit with the teen audience – and adults too, if the theatre was anything to go by!  So if you have a chance, definitely go and see Every Day because it is just a stunning film and definitely not something to be missed!