About Me

Hello, my name's Meg and I'm a Book Addict.  (:

I'm based in the UK, and created The Book Addicted Girl December 2010, for no real reason than I'm crazy about books and I wanted to share my love of reading with others.  Since I've been part of the blogging community, I've met fellow book addicts, and my Wishlist has more or less tripled!  So has my TBR pile actually...

The type of books I love best are YA fiction, preferably vampire, magic, supernatural, dystopian, contemporary or fantasy. I also love crime drama, classical novels and suspense thrillers, but I read absolutely anything and everything.  As my list has probably proved!

I'm a self-confessed Compulsive Book Buyer, and my little library overflowed the book shelves long ago.  Now I have piles of books all over my room.  Such a hardship!  My TBR pile grows pretty much weekly, and I also somehow manage to borrow books from people or libraries without even meaning to or needing to.  I can say completely honestly that I never leave a book shop without a book - or ten!

I'd really like people to comment, so I can know what they like, and what they don't.  Or if I make a mistake (which it's more than possible I might do: I type way too fast sometimes!)  I'll try to answer all the comments I get, even if there is a small delay.  
I hope you like my blog: I love writing it!  Enjoy.  (: