Review Policy

I've been blogging for just over a year now, but I've been a Book Addict for as long as I can remember.  Should anybody want to send me a book to read or giveaway, I'd be thrilled to review it for you. Books given to me for review immediately go to the top of my TBR pile, although I will prioritise ones with a set release date. 
I always include titles, authors, blurbs,  my own personal thoughts, a picture of the cover, a rating out of 5 stars on every book I read (including half and quarter ratings), and I promise to never give away any spoilers.  If asked, I will include book trailers, links to purchase the book or other, requested extras.  I pride myself on my honesty, so I will always include my favourite and least favourite parts of a book.  However, I dislike writing negative reviews, will never be malicious and always concentrate on the parts I like.
As well as posting my reviews on The Book Addicted Girl, I also post them on Amazon UK, Goodreads, my Facebook page and Twitter
Books will be reviewed in a timely manner, and I will inform authors/publishers how long my waiting list is.  Authors/publishers can request a specific date for their review, for example: if they would like it published close to the book's release date.
I state in my post if the book is a review copy, and that I recieved it for no financial compensation. 
Books I Like:
I read absolutely anything from vampire books to Shakespeare, and everything in between, altough I prefer Young Adult fiction.  Genres I love are Young Adult: paranormal, thriller, dystopian, mystery, historical, fantasy, romance, comedy, but I'm open to select Adult fiction too; mainly ones that crossover into YA fiction, as well as middle grade/tween fiction. 
To see if you like my reviewing style, or the kinds of books I like, you can see my previous reviews: here.
I also have a Kindle, so I'd be more than happy to review an eBook that's suitable for that.
If you would like me to review a book in a series, I will be more than happy to do so.  However, if it is a series I have not read yet, I would appreciate the previous books, so I can therefore have a full understanding, and can enjoy the book more fully.

I would love to take part in giveaways, interviews, guest posts and blog tours, although for the latter I would appreciate a month or so to prepare.  If you're interested, use the email address below.

To contact me about this, please leave a message on my blog or email me at:

Thank you!