Friday, 18 November 2011

Fiction Express: Falling Backwards, Chapter One

Fiction Express - one of my favourite websites - is launching a brand new book!  It's amazing, amazing, amazing!  And a completely new genre - one that looks set to be awesome! :D Have a look:

Falling Backwards by Jenny Ryan
When a stranger takes the seat next to Leah on the plane to Mexico and unburdens her unhappy story, Leah finds herself involved in someone else's life in a way she'd never thought possible. Can Leah help April correct the mistakes of her past and find peace at last? Will she risk losing herself in the process?

Leah's heading to Mexico to stay with a strange family for four months.  She's looking forward to the new boys and having a Marilyn Monroe entrance.  Then a strange woman - one Leah doesn't know but feels safe with - stumbles into the seat next to her.  Her name is April, and she begins to tell Leah the story of her own trip to Mexico.  Then, suddenly, this lady's story becomes far, far too real...  I liked Leah - she was funny and I just liked the way she looked at things.  She was rather sarcastic too.  I had an inkling about what was going on during the very start of the first chapter... it was totally wrong, but it was an inkling, none the less!  Overall, the first chapter of Falling Backwards was really strong: it made me want to read on, made me want to know what would happen next!  I loved the characters, the setting, the mystery, the three choices for where Chapter Two shall go...  I've already made my choice, now it's your turn!

Did I convince you to give Falling Backwards a shot?  It's really worth it - I can tell this story will be amazing!   I really love this site: amazing stories, only you're in charge of where the plot goes!  :D 

You have 10 days to vote on Falling Backwards Chapter One, and Chapter Two will be up 2nd December.  Hope you enjoy it  - and the website!  :D


Luisa at Chicklish said...

Great review! I just read the chapter too and really enjoyed it.

Zoe Crook said...

I LOVED this chapter too! Brilliant review, mine should be posted on Monday :-)