Saturday, 12 November 2011

Giveaway Winners!

I've had two giveaways recently, and there are four winners.  They are Savor Goodies Giveaway and A Spooky Giveaway.
At the minute, I have a giveaway of a SIGNED copy of Nightshade - check it out!

The winners for the Savor Goodies Giveaway were chosen by the author, Megan Duncan (Her website).  The question was:
What Is Your Favoruite Type Of Fictional Vampire and Why (Twilight, Vampire Academy...)?
The winners Megan chose are...

1st Place - Darcus @ Starcrossed Reviews, who won a Signed copy of Savor.
I love the House of Night vampires because of how it really is a part of them.  If they're a "vampyre" they become marked at a certain age.  It's an interesting take, but if I had to choose a favorite...  I will never be able to choose anything but the Anne Rice vampires.  I have been in love with her world since I learned about it years and years ago.  I will forever enjoy her characters and they can be "good" but underneath it all, they're still vampires.  They're bloodthirsty and dangerous. They can love, but the blood rules them.

2nd Place - Shae won an eBook copy of Savor.
Twilight all the way! It's just a no brainer really.
1) You get to live forever (Granted, if I was all alone I wouldn't want to live forever but if I had my butt-kicking family with me, than I would!)
2) I'm not self-centered but... YOU GET TO LOOK LIKE A 2.0 VERSION OF YOURSELF! (Hey, I'm still a teen with my acne days. You get my drift?)
3) You (might?) get some rocking super power! (Unless you end up like Esme and get the ""gift"" of compassion... Yeah, no thanks...)
4) Best of all, YOU COULD POSSIBLY END UP WITH EDWARD CULLEN! (Well, if Bella somehow... suspiciously died a tragic death, that is. But hey, I could make that happen *insert evil laugh here*)

3rd Place - Sasse (_yay_) @ Book That Thing! won Savor and Release bookmarks.
Are we talking books? Definitely the dark and brooding kind. For example Dmitri from the Guild Hunter series (Nalini Singh).
TV shows? Vampire Diaries. Damon. Yummmm. He's living on the edge so to speak. Not as goody two shoes as his brother in season 1, but also not as cruel as his brother in season 3.
I'm team tortured hero all the way!

As for my A Spooky Giveaway (a Halloween Special) the prize was a load of Spirit Guide by E.J. Stevens goodies (see my reviews of the Spirit Guide series: here), and the question was:

What is your favourite Halloween/paranormal being and why?
I chose the winner this time, and the winner of a load of Spirit Guide swag is...

Vampires - because they are so different according to the authors interpretation.  There are those who closely follow the traditional mythology, those beautiful and tortured, those ugly and viscous.  I love them all.  :D X

These are the winners - congratulations everyone!  :D


Shae Carcar said...

Thanks again! I'm so looking forward to reading Savor!

Darcus said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to read it!