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Fortnight of Guests: Recovering Potter Addict (My Top 10 Favourite Moments I Hope to See in Deathly Hallows Part 2, The Movie)

Hello, my name is Aylee and I am a Potterholic. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Nah, just joking, I don't want to cure my obsession with Harry Potter! I would not be the reader I am today if it wasn't for J.K. Rowling's freaking awesome series!

Here, I present the top ten moments from Deathly Hallows Part 2 that I am most looking forward to seeing in the upcoming movie. It was very difficult to condense my favourite moments into a Top 10 list; it could easily be a Top 50 list!

WARNING: Do not read the following list if you have not read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Major spoilers ahead!

1.     1. The Trio escape Gringotts on a dragon
In one of the most badass scenes of the book, the trio are looking for a way to escape from the depths of Gringotts after stealing Hufflepuff’s Cup when “inspiration, or madness, [comes] to Harry” (p. 437).

2.     2. Dumbledore’s backstory
Pieces of Dumbledore’s history were conspicuously absent from Deathly Hallows Part 1, but I assume it will all be laid out in Part 2. In one of the most eye-opening scenes of the book, we learn from Dumbledore’s brother, Aberforth, that Dumbledore wasn’t exactly the saint we all assumed him to be.

3.     3. Ron and Hermione kiss
Finally! After a buildup of tension over the course of seven books, Ron and Hermione finally give in to the feelings they’ve been feeling for each other for a long time.

4.     4. Snape’s Death Scene
Oh, how tragic to show the utmost of loyalty to someone only for them to kill you coldblooded in an effort to gain more power. In his dying moment, Snape asks Harry to look at him, to see Lily’s eyes, one last time. So sad.

5.     5. The Prince’s Tale
In this extensive chapter, we learn that not only was Snape in love with Harry’s mother and her death was the driving force behind him turning his back on Voldemort, but also that Harry is the seventh Horcrux and must sacrifice himself for Voldemort to die.
Memorable lines:
“After all this time?” (Asks Dumbledore referring to Snape’s Patronus, a doe, symbolizing Lily)
“Always.” (p. 552)
“…you’ve been raising him like a pig for slaughter-“ (p. 551) (Says Snape in response to Dumbledore telling him that Harry must sacrifice himself for Voldemort to be defeated)

6.    6.  Harry’s Walk of Sacrifice
In the most poignant scene of the book, Harry walks to his death, sacrificing himself in order to save and protect everyone at Hogwarts. Using the Resurrection Stone, he summons his parents, Sirius, and Lupin to be with him in (what Harry believes is) his final moments. 

7.     7. Hagrid carries Harry’s “dead” body
In this heartbreaking and devastating scene, Hagrid carries what he believes to be Harry’s dead body back to Hogwarts where he meets the cries of anguish of everyone who believes Harry is dead as well.
8.     8. Neville cuts off Nagini’s head with the Sword of Gryffindor
In doing so, he destroys the final Horcrux. Neville really comes into his own in this book and becomes a leader in the fight for Hogwarts’ freedom. Let us not forget that it could have just as easily have been Neville Longbottom, The Chosen One, instead of Harry Potter, according to the Prophecy.

9.    9.  “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!” (p. 589)
Best. Line. Ever. Molly Weasley goes after Bellatrix Lestrange after she attempts to kill Ginny. And then she kills the bitch! So satisfying.

10.10.  The Final Battle
It all comes down to Harry and Voldemort in this final, epic battle. Harry takes full control, revealing to Voldemort that it is in fact he who is the true owner of the Elder Wand. He further humiliates Voldemort but referring to him as his Muggle father’s name, Tom Riddle, multiple times.  And then he kills the bastard! Even more satisfying.

11.11.  Nineteen Years Later
Okay, I tried my best for ten but now I just have to add this last one! In the last scene of the book, we see a future in which Harry and Ginny and offspring, and Ron and Hermione and offspring, are happy and leading a normal, everyday life. How sweet. I’m worried about how they are legitimately going to age twenty-somethings into late-thirties-somethings though.

Which of your favourite scenes are you most looking forward to seeing in Deathly Hallows Part 2? Let me know in the comments!
And thanks so much to Megan for having me!

Thank you for taking part!  I loved this list, and I agree with every single one of these Top Ten (Plus One)!  The one I want most is the Prince's Tale.  Comes out on the 15th, and I can't wait!  :D


rachel said...

Great Top 10 (add one, hehe!). I am most looking forward to the dragon scene and the nineteen years later scene. I'll happily watch them all, lol!
I've read all the HP books more than twice each and my favourite book is the last one!

Aylee said...

Megan: Thanks again! Sorry about the formatting of the post... I can't help but think it's something I did wrong but I have no idea what. Perhaps when I copied it from Word into the email. Anyways, yeah I'm very much looking forward to The Prince's Tale! From what I hear from advance screenings, it's quite a long scene which is exactly what I want to hear!

Racheyyy!: I swear, my aim was for top 10! Yeah, I have no problem with watching the entire movie either and not just these specific scenes, heh :)

Missie, The Unread Reader said...


I didn't know about a lot of this! The sacrifice, the hidden love! Wow!

I'd love to see the kiss too, and the bit into the future.

Great list Aylee!

Aylee said...

Gah, Missie, NO! You weren't supposed to read this -_-
Now you're majorly spoiled, sorry.

Cliona said...

Dragon scene = amazingness! I'm most looking forward to 11,10,9,4,and 1. Yeah, I know that's half, but's it's gonna be awesome! I'm also looking forward to the scene in the Bellatrix's vault in Gringotts! I think this is my favourite post so far in FOG!

Cliona said...

Dragon scene = amazingness! I'm most looking forward to 11,10,9,4,and 1. Yeah, I know that's half, but's it's gonna be awesome! I'm also looking forward to the scene in the Bellatrix's vault in Gringotts! I think this is my favourite post so far in FOG!

Anonymous said...

So many awesome moments! I'm dying to see them
Though I was sad two of my favorite parts of the first half of the book - like Kretcher's tale and when they see Luna's room and their pictures are there (That scene gets me every time!)


Shoshanah said...

Just reading this list is getting me so excited! I can't wait to see this all come to life! I'm so excited for it all!

Aylee said...

Cliona: Thanks! Yes, I am excited about the Bellatrix's vault scene as well! There's a clip of it already floating around on the internet and the special effects are pretty good... except the gold in the vault doesn't get scalding hot like it does in the book, unfortunately. But it does still multiply!

Alex: I adored those scenes too. From what I hear, there may not be any house elves in the second part so no Kreacher, unfortunately. I also tear up everytime the Trio see their faces painted up in Luna's room in the book. So sweet, so cute.

Shoshanah: I know. I can hardly contain myself... I am going to be a mess when I see the movie, for real.

Small Review said...

Oh yes!! I was nodding along to all of those. I can't wait to see every single one of those. You really hit on almost all of the scenes that I'll be sobbing through. I love how brave and amazing all of the characters I love are in this final showdown.

Aylee said...

Thanks! I'm pretty sure I'm going to be sobbing throughout the entire movie, heh. You are so right about the characters. They have some really great final moments that really showcase their personalities one last time.

Alison Can Read said...

I think Snape's story is what I'm looking forward to more than anything else. Although the epilogue and the forest will be really great.