Friday 18 January 2013

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Series: Lux, Book One
Publisher: Entangled
Format: Paperback
Published: 8th May 2012

Number of Pages: 400
Book: Bought
Genre: Science-Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, Action-Adventure, YA
Recommended Age: 13+
Contains: Swearing, Violence, Alcohol and Sexual References, One Dangerously Hot Alien
No Drug References
Author's Site: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Warning: This review will be an excited rambling of a fangirl who is totally in love with a certain boy from this book.  You could read it and laugh, or, the recommended option, you could go and buy the book and then ramble yourself.

Starting over sucks.
When we moved to West Virginia right before my senior year, I’d pretty much resigned myself to thick accents, dodgy internet access, and a whole lot of boring… until I spotted my hot neighbour, with his looming height and eerie green eyes.  Things were looking up.
And then he opened his mouth.
Daemon is infuriating.  Arrogant.  Stab-worthy.  We do not get along.  At all.  But when a stranger attacks me and Daemon literally freezes time with a wave of his hand, well, something… unexpected happens.
The hot alien living next door marks me.
You heard me.  Alien.  Turns out Daemon and his sister have a galaxy of enemies wanting to steal their abilities, and Daemon’s touch has lit me up like the Vegas Strip.  The only way I’m getting out of this alive is by sticking close to Daemon until my alien mojo fades.
If I don’t kill him first, that is.

"Are you... human?"
Daemon's short laugh was without humour.  "We're not from around here."
"You think?"
Katy isn't best pleased when her mom decides to move them from sunny Florida to a weird little town in West Virginia – right before senior year, on top.  
Of course, when she sees the boy living next door is a total hottie with a capitol 'H', things start to look up...
And then, Daemon starts to talk.
Such a shame: he may be the hottest thing on Earth, but he also happens to be the biggest jerk in the universe.  It's safe to say, their neighbourly relationship doesn't get off to a good start.  The fact that Katy has as strong a need to kill him as she feels to kiss him kinda puts an end to a good friendship.  
But with his twin Dee, however, Katy hits it off.  Seriously hits it off – best friend kind of hits it off.  Too bad Daemon doesn't approve.  Like, at all.  And Katy knows - she just knows that the two of them are hiding something.  She just doesn't know what.
And then she finds out.  Daemon can... do things.  Things humans shouldn't - can't - do.  Katy can barely get her head around it.  And then Daemon drops the biggest bomb of all:
His freaky powers have marked her – lit her up for all to see.  And they're gonna be coming after her.  To kill her.  Use her.  Hurt her.
And she's going to have to stick by the annoying insert-bad-word-of-your-choice-here until it wears off.
And even if the weirdos after her don’t kill her, well, there’ll be a dead body anyway.  Daemon’s.  He’s just that infuriating.
You know how sometimes you pick up a book you've just bought and start reading and simply can't put it down?  Even though you have a million things to do.  Even though you're right in the middle of another amazing book.  Even though you know you should just put it down and get on with the things you need to do.  For me, Obsidian was that book.  I started reading and just... well, I just couldn't stop.  No matter how hard I tried.  No matter how much I needed to be revising for an exam.  I just could not stop.  It was almost drug like, my addiction to the book.  It was crazy.  And even now I'm done.  Even now I've gobbled the entire thing up in a single sitting, I can't get it out of my head.  It's quite amazing really, how perfect it all was.  How incredible and addictive and amazing and just pure awesomesauce with extra sauce.  God, I loved it.  And I need the next book - like, ASAP.  Cause otherwise?  I'm gonna go crazy with a capital 'K'.  BTW, sorry for people who haven't read this - that last one was a bit of an inside joke. 
Now, with my fangirl rambling (hopefully) over, I'll get on with a more... constructive review.
First things first: Daemon.  How to describe Daemon...  Yes, he's a total jerk.  Yes, he's infuriating.  Yes, he's a total idiot.  But I love him anyway.  Right from the word go, I loved him.  Sure, I have crushes on fictional boys all the time (does that make me sad?) but Daemon... I LOVED him.  Like weak-at-the-knees, heart-pounding kinda love.  That love only comes along for a select few.  Namely: Dimitri, Adrian and Jace.  That's it.  And now: Daemon.  The amazing Daemon: so hard and soft and withdrawn and tortured and snarky and perfect and flawed and just plain hot.  I can barely find the words to describe the pure hotness and pure amazingness and pure Daemonness - and yes, I am using him to describe him.  How better to describe perfection than with perfection himself?
As for Katy, I loved her too.  For one: she's a blogger, guys!  Yess!!  The first fictional book blogger I've come across!  Plus, she has a t-shirt I so badly want – "MY BLOG IS BETTER THAN YOUR VLOG": legendary!  Also, she was kind and calm and clever and normal and real - totally relatable.  Admittedly, she was a bit calm when she found out what her best friend and her... Daemon really were, but how freaking cool would it be?!  Also, whatever Daemon told me, I'd take in my stride cause he's that amazing.  I mean, he could've told me he was a freaking dinosaur from Mars who could time travel and shoot unicorns outta his thumb and I would've accepted it...  Is that weird?
Moving on – to the amazing Dee.  I loved her – she was so buzzy and hyper and cute and funny.  She was so sweet – and the way she controlled Daemon  was hilarious.  I mean, blackmailing your brother by stealing his car keys: I'm gonna have to remember that one!  Also, she was just so sweet, bless her, so totally sweet and insecure and innocent.  
My God, I love all the characters!  They're all so brilliant and real and amazing.  Well, except for Ash: I hate her.  Grr to Ash.  But the others were awesome.  I had a favourite, obviously, but the others were great too.  Y'know, not Daemon great, but great none the less.  
But the relationships were even freaking better.  The love-I-wanna-kill-you relationship between Katy and Daemon was hilarious and so freaking hot.  I wanted them to just stop the bickering and kiss, goddammit, but then it wouldn't be nearly as funny, would it?  Way hotter though.  The brother-sister bond between Daemon and Dee literally killed me - during the ice cream war, I swear I thought I was going to die from laughter.  They have gotta be my favourite siblings ever!   And they are so sweet too: as Katy says:
"There was no doubt in my mind that Daemon loved and cherished his sister.  He'd gladly give his life for her.  The way he was always looking out for her was more than admirable.  There wasn't a good enough word for it.  And it made me wish I had a sibling." Pg204
But honestly?  I think that Miss Armentrout is magic.  Honest to God magic.  Her freaky mind powers made this book wriggle it's way right into my brain - and my heart too.  Her writing just blew me away - it was so beautiful and funny and real and Katy and freaking addictive.  I was just swept right up in it all, swept right up until I swear I almost became Katy.  It was mindblowing.  Whoa.  And then the plot... I freaking loved it!  It was, again, so freaking addictive and fast-paced and amazing and exciting and suspenseful and brilliant.  I was just hooked start to finish, unable to stop, unable to put it down.  God, I loved it.  As for the world building, well: whoa!!  Intense, amazing and so utterly freaking new!!  I mean, who knew aliens could be so hot!
Heh, has my love of this book come across enough yet?  Probably too much.  I just can't believe I waited so long to buy this book.  I mean, sure, it only came out in 2012 (right?) but still, how could I wait so blinking long?!?!  Especially as I've been hearing good things about Armentrout since forever - since I've started blogging, even.  I keep looking at her books and thinking: "Man, I want to read that."  And  then I don't.  Well, I won't be making that mistake again, that's for sure. 
And if you guys haven't read any of her books, please, please, please do!  They're incredible!   They're the kind of book you start reading and just can't stop - it's a clear your whole day sort of thing.  And I seriously can't even think of a single downside to this book.  Honest to God, I can't.  Oh no wait I can: I wasn't clever enough to buy the second book.  Oh no, one more complaint: Daemon should write all of the books.  Those bonus chapters from his POV just made me fall even more in love with him!  And yes, that's it.  Honestly, that.  Is.  It.  My only criticisms of the entire book of amazingness that is Obsidian. 
Heh, Miss Armentrout?  You have a new fan.  :)
And those of you who are still reading this rambling review, thank you – I love you guys!

Star Rating:
5 Out of 5

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Anonymous said...

You've made me want to read this now! As if I don't have enough to read ;-)

Marlene Detierro said...

I did not really like this book, because of the reasons you mentioned. The book felt like Twilight, but with a super arrogant male protagonist.

Marlene Detierro (Alaskan Pay Dirt)

Steph Farrell said...

One of my all time FAVORITES!! Jennifer goes under the INSTANT buy pile!

Lord Mark said...

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