Monday 17 January 2011

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

Series: The Darkest Powers Trilogy, Book One
Publisher: Orbit
Format: Paperback
Published: 2008
Number of Pages
Book: Bought
Genre: Paranormal, Dark Romance, Ghost Story, Horror, Urban Fantasy

All Chloe Saunders wants is a life like any normal teenager – the chance to get through school, make friends, and maybe meet a boy.  But when she starts seeing ghosts, she knows that life will never by normal again.
Soon the ghosts are everywhere, demanding her attention.  When Chloe finally breaks down, she’s sent to a group home for disturbed kids.  At first Lyle House seems okay, but as she gets to know the other patients – charming Simon and his ominous, unsmiling brother Derek, obnoxious Tori, and Rae, who has a ‘thing’ for fire – Chloe begins to realise that something strange and sinister binds them all together, and it isn’t your usual ‘problem kid’ behaviour. 
And they’re about to discover that Lyle House isn’t your usual group home, either...

This was an absolutely amazing book, and has to be one of my favourite supernatural-type story I’ve read.  It was completely addictive, from the prologue to the last chapter, and had me desperate for the sequel (which I have too, luckily).
The characters were fantastic, and the story, told from the point of view of Chloe, is suspenseful and exciting.  Chloe is a brilliant heroine, very likeable and you’re able to connect with her, even though she isn’t your average teenager.  I just love how Kelley Armstrong gave her a stutter, when she’s one of the bravest girls I’ve read about.  I mean, it can’t be easy, when everyone around you thinks you’re insane – even the ones you love the most – and yet you’re able to face the facts and realise you’re not.  She proves you can stand up for yourself, no matter certain ‘disabilities’ (and I’m not talking about the stutter).
The other kids from Lyle House are brilliant too, though I think Rae’s my favourite of them.  She’s the street-wise, charity case girl with an obsession with fire, smart, kind and really sweet.  Simon’s a sweetie too; charismatic, handsome and always ready to step up to defend his brother, Derek.  Derek’s one of those characters that you start of unsure of, and gradually warm to, realising by the end of the book that underneath the ‘Frankenstein’-like appearance, there’s a teenage boy who just wants for people to see him for what he is, rather than what he looks like.  Tori’s the only one who I wasn’t particularly keen on, but you do get why she’s a bit unbearable at times, as you learn more about her.
I loved Armstrong’s way of writing, and the short chapters just draw you in, so much so that I ended up reading and reading and reading way into the night.  But this really is one of my favourite paranormal books, and is completely different from all the others I’ve read: there isn’t a vampire in sight, although there are zombies, ghosts, and a variety of other mythical beings.  Full of thrill, excitement, ghosts and action, I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone, especially those who like books like Night World by L. J. Smith.  And it just happens to have the most amazing cliff hanger and the biggest twist, which I didn’t even expect was coming.  An incredible story and a cast of incredible characters, this is just an amazing read! 

Star Rating:
5 Out of 5

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Hey Lady! said...

I was looking for another Kelley Armstrong book to read! I read "Bitten" a few years ago and really liked the story and the writing, but didn't love the main character, which prevented me from reading on in the series.

Thanks for the review!

@ndone said...

i also liked this trilogy sooooo much! kelley armstrong is an amazing writer... i just bought the first book of ther sequel series darkness rising, the gathering, i hope it will be as awesome as darkest powers! =)
i have not yet read one of her adults books, but i think i will give it a try...

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

@ndone: She's brilliant! I have to get the sequel series! No, I haven't read her adult series either, so I'm not sure what they're like. Happy reading!