Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (#3)

Hello, lovely followers! I've decided to join in with all the fun of Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the awesome The Broke and the Bookish. It just looks like so much fun! :D

This week the topic is:

Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition

And so this is my ten...

She is my favourite author ever - literally.  She is funny, witty,  clever, genius, writes the funniest, most action packed and sexiest scenes ever!  I love her!  And she just doesn't get the recognition she deserves.  Even if all us bloggers know and love her, other non-bloggy people don't and that's just a crime.  She should have billboards, posters, movies, and Daemon Black cardboard cutouts...
Wait, forget that last one... 

I love Gregg's Empty Coffin Series - it's awesome!  But no one really seems to know about it - and I really wish they could, because it's amazing!  So different!  A bit like Medium for teens, but even better!!

Yes, Sarah is huge.  She has a huge following.  So why bring her up?  Because the publishers (the fools) only published the first in her Fated series, which is easily one of my fave series!   How could they have done that?!?!?  Also, I just really want one of her books to be a movie.  They would make the most kickass movies...

Julia is a brilliant British author and all her contemps are so amazing.  I really wish she got more recognition!!

Yep, ol' Julia has three pennames.  And each penname writes equally amazing books.  And each penname should get much more recognition.  I love you, Julia/Joss/Eve!

I loved Sam's The Repossession and really wish more people would read it!! 

Best. Series. Ever.  And Everyone. Should. Read. It.
And Will should have movies too.  Lots of them.  One for each book.  Hint hint, movie world.

E.J. is amazing.  I love her to pieces.  And she should have one of the huge publishers pushing her books, because all teen girls would love to read them!  They're so funny!!  And she's so lovely!  

This is a weird choice, 'cause Holly is really well known.  But... she should have a Curse Workers movie!!!  Ok!  That's why!  I'm selfish and want a White Cat movie!  Sue me.

Maria's really well known.  But not well known enough in my opinion.  She could never be well known enough.

Well, that's my Ten!!  You probably know them all, but fingers crossed! :D
Oh, and FYI, like four of these authors are taking part in Fortnight of Guests...
Can you guess who?


Becky LeJeune said...

Fabulous list! Sarah Alderson is new to me, I came across HUNTING LILA recently on someone else's blog and immediately added it to my wish list - she's only available in e format here in the States. I have Gregg Olsen in my TBR right now.

yaescapefromreality said...

Great list! I love Jennifer Armentrout as well, but you hardly ever see her books in bookstores. Lux series and Covenant series are fantastic! (My WoW for tomorrow is Sentinel). And I just recently discovered Maria Snyder, loved the Study series and I'm definitely reading everything else she's written! ~Pam

yaescapefromreality said...

Forgot to say that I read Frigid yesterday and it's really cute--love that the main character was reading Apollyon. ~Pam

lillylilac said...

Good list, I've been meaning to read Maria V. Snyder for awhile now because all of her series sound really good.

Josh Caporale said...

Is this the same Gregg Olsen who also writes standalone thrillers? I own some of his novels and need to get to them.

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Becky: Thanks! Oh, I so recommend her books! They are AMAZING!! And it is a crime that they're only in eBooks in the States!! Gregg Olsen is amazing too - I love his books!! :D
Pam: Thanks! I know - it always makes me sad: everyone should read her books and they shouldn't have to be online to do it!! Maria is brilliant too - I adore her! And Frigid - so cute, right?! I loved it! :D
Lilly: Thanks - I recommend her books! They're all brilliant!
Josh: Yup. He writes a whole bunch of adult books - both thrillers and true-crime books. If they're half as good as his YA series, I really recommend them! :D