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Someone Else’s Life by Katie Dale

 Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Format: Paperback
Published: 2nd February 2012
Book: For Review*
Genre: Contemporary, Realistic-Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Mental Health, YA, YA-Adult Crossover
Recommended Age: 12+
Contains: Alcohol Refernences, Mild Swearing, Death
No Drug References
Author's Blog: Katie Dale

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One Secret Can Change Everything.
When Rosie Kenning's mother, Trudie, dies from Huntingdon's disease, her whole world falls apart. Not only does Rosie desperately miss her mum, but now she has to face the fact that she could have inherited the fatal illness herself. Until she discovers that Trudie wasn't her biological mother at all ...Rosie is stunned. Can this be true? Is she grieving for a mother who wasn't even hers to lose? And if Trudie wasn't her mother, who is?
But as Rosie delves into her past to discover who she really is, she is faced with a heart-breaking dilemma - to continue living a lie, or to reveal a truth that will shatter the lives of everyone around her... 

“You saved each other.”
Rosie Kenning’s mum Trudie had Huntington’s.  Rosie, dropping everything for her mother, had to watch the once vibrant woman she loved so much die slowly and terribly.  With her Mum gone and her whole world in pieces, Rosie now has to find out if this is to be her future, if she has inherited the Huntington’s gene.  Until she’s told that Trudie isn’t her biological mother.  But how can that be?  How can she not be Trudie?  Is she grieving someone who isn’t even hers to grieve?  And if so, who is her real mother?
With her past as blank as her future, can Rosie continue living a lie, or can she risk destroying the lives of those around her to find out more about her past...?
I knew this would be an amazing book – I mean, have you read the blurb?! – but I wasn’t expecting something twisty and swirly, full of shocks and surprises with characters I’d fall so head over heels in love with, I’d want to magic them out of the book!  If this book isn’t already on your radar, by God, go get yourself a copy NOW!  It’s such an amazing book and worth every penny!  I adored every moment and was left wanting more, more, more! A book that truly tugged at the heartstrings one moment and had me stupidly smiling the next. 
Rosie Kenning was so strong and so caring.  I admired her so much, putting her whole life on hold so she could take care of her mother.  I just loved her from the word go.  And it was just so obvious that she absolutely adored her mother Trudie.  She had to grow up so fast, and she lost so much.  But through it all she was selfless, brave, loving and strong.  She was amazing, and we could all learn something from her.
Andy Hunter, Rosie’s boyfriend, was sweet and caring and cute and yummy!  He was just adorable, really protective and supportive, always there for her…  Did you guess that I had a minor book-boyfriend crush on Andy?
I have to mention Trudie Kenning, Rosie’s mother, who although was already dead by the time the story starts, played a big part in it none the less.  She was strong, light-spirited, trying to make a joke of everything, and obviously loved Rosie just as much as her daughter loved her.  She was inspirational, even though we never ‘met’ her.
The rest of the supporting characters were equally amazing.  Rosie’s Nana was so sweet and cheerful: I loved her! Jack Woods was funny, sweet and friendly, and just the perfect father.  If I could have any fictional father, from any book, I’d pick Jack, hands down.  Kitty Clare was someone I couldn’t figure her out.  I thought: oh, so that’s the real Kitty.  Then: wham!  Still, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her, seeing the position she was in… Aunt Sarah, who loved Trudie so much she… did what she did.  She was a loving and kind person, one I found I couldn’t dislike at all – I felt sorry for her too, I mean: what would you have done in her position?
What I liked most about this book is the flawless way Katie tackled the difficult issues.  Huntington’s and the effects it has.  And may I just say that I really admire the way Katie described the disease – enough of the medical info so we can grasp the basics, no jargon to confuse us.  But more, the emotional description.  The pain at watching your Mum die, the fear of not knowing if that could be you, drowning in it all.  Throughout the book, I couldn’t help thinking: “Could I have done that, if I were in Rosie’s place?  Dropped everything, even my friends and school, knowing I’d have to watch my mother die, watch what could be my future..?”  And then there was the whole biological parent thing.  The importance of being related by blood.  I mean, any old person can make a baby.  What’s hard is raising them and loving them.  That’s what makes a parent.  Rosie in particular really shows this: even though she was looking for her birth parents, Trudie is still her Mum and nothing could change that. 
The writing was just so, so good.  Emotional, powerful and utterly addictive, it was just perfect for this kind of book – more than perfect, in fact.  I could feel everything, see everything!  And I adored the dual narrative; I loved that we had no clue who the other narrator was to begin with – I didn’t guess either!  As for the plot, well, it was twistier than… a really twisty thing.  There was just shock after shock, surprise after surprise and I literally saw nothing coming!!  And that, may I just say, was a huge achievement and made the book so, so, so much more addictive!  I loved every second… even the bits I cried at.  Which was quite a few of them.
An amazing, incredible, moving, emotional, thought-provoking story that had me surprised at every twist, hooked to every word and racing to get to the end, so I could know what happened next.  Katie, whatever you may write next, you have me extraordinarily excited and I will be first in line, without a doubt!
Beautiful, inspiring, heart-warming, life affirming, perfect… I came to the end and just wanted to read it all over again.  As I said before: perfect.

Star Rating:
5 Out of 5

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Number of Pages: 496


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Wow, this looks really good! Thanks for the great review :)

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This looks like a great read!

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I cried a lot in Before I Die, so I have great prospects for the book! I almost wanted to ask you to reveal some spoilers! Haha! Thanks for the great review!

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I cant wait to get started with this book. great review.x


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Amazing review! This is on it's way to me now, HURRY UP POSTMAN!!!! :)

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Great review! I absolutely ADORED this book, glad you enjoyed it as well!

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great review, I felt the same about this book and couldnt put it down at all!

brandileigh2003 said...

I agree about Jack being a great dad, I mentioned that in my notes while reading.
Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

grace crawford said...

I love this,its an emotional roller coaster...and i keep going back to read the awesome pages. I don't regret buying it at all.
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