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Bleeding Hearts by Alyxandra Harvey

Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles)Series: The Drake Chronicles, Book Four
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Format: Paperback
Published: 3rd October 2011

Number of Pages: 304
Book: Bought
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Dark Romance, Paranormal, Thriller-Suspense, Humour, Action-Adventure, YA
Recommended Age: 12+
Contains: Violence, Death, Smoking
No Alcohol, Drug References
Author's Blog: Alyxandra Harvey

It’s not easy being the new girl in town, and Christabel Llewellyn is certainly that.  She’s new to Violet Hill, new to country life, and new to vampires.  Which, considering she’s Lucy Hamilton’s cousin, is going to be problematic…  Lucy’s boyfriend is one of the Drake brothers, her best friend is a Drake princess, and all of the Drakes are vampires.
But they aren’t the only undead to reside in Violet Hill.  The town is infested with a very different and entirely more dangerous type of feral vampire, the Hel-Blar.  And when Christabel is kidnapped by their leader and held to ransom, the Drakes are forced into action.

Bleeding Hearts                                                                   Review:
"I got that feeling again, like there was a layer under everything that I wasn't quite seeing."
Lucy’s cousin Christabel has just moved to Violet Hill.  Being a new girl is seriously hard in a town full of vampires, and Christabel can't understand her aunt and uncle's curfew obsession.  After all, how dangerous could a tiny, "backwards town in the middle of nowhere" be?
As it turns out, very.  Not only are both Lucy's boyfriend and best friend vampires, the whole Drake family is too. 
And it gets worse.  Violet Hills is also overrun by the bad kinda vampire.  The deadly, evil, dangerous, wild vampires, the Hel-Blar. 
And no matter how bad Lucy wants to keep the Drakes secret hidden, there's no stopping the Hel-Blar. 
Especially when they kidnap Christabel. 
In Violet Hill, not knowing can be deadly...
Oh, how I adore this series!  It's just so much fun, so awesome, so addictive, so good!  I was in a tired-brain mood and suddenly had the most intense need to read Bleeding Hearts.  The wonderful Alyxandra did not let me down!  From the first page onwards I jumped from barely concealed hysterical laughter to gasps of shock to melty bones from yummy Drake boys.  And I can't tell you how ridiculously overjoyed I was to find that Lucy was a narrator!  Happy dance time!
I love the vamp stuff in this book, but what really makes this book series incredible is the characters.  How unique and loveable and 3D they all are, how each Drake has a distinct uniqueness, how I feel like I know all of them so well they're my brothers or boyfriend or best friend.  It's awesome.  And, oh, Lucy Hamilton is just my favouritest person ever!   She's so funny and mad and quirky and strong.  Best Lucy quote: "I totally love this.  Who can I punch next?"!  I just love the new, fighting-genius, even-more-kickass-than-before Lucy!  And her cousin Christabel was just as awesome.  How can I not love a girl who's as addicted to books as I am?  And you could so tell she was related to Lucy!  "Thus, no boyfriend.  Also, I use words like 'thus'."  LOL!  For such a poet-loving geek, she was a real badass!  And Connor Drake?  Oh so cute and geeky and hot – he’s my second favourite Drake boy!  Nicholas is my absolute favourite – he’s just so darn yummy.  I love him THIS MUCH!  And he is the best book boyfriend in the history of ever.  Solange, however, was being weird.  Even by Drake standards.  And more importantly, by Lucy standards, which is really saying something!   Oh, and how I love all the minor-ish characters too!  Fierce Helena, Lucy's friend Nathan, all of my other main characters from the previous books, Isabeau, Hunter and Quinn in particular!  I adore Lucy's parents: they absolutely killed me!  Her mom was awesome and so funny: leaving condoms everywhere!
But, damn Alyxandra Harvey for proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that fictional boys are a million times better than real ones!
No offence to real guys, of course.  But you're just not Drakes
I just love the writing and the split POVs.  They all have their own unique voice - something of a minor miracle if you think of how many characters have narrated the books!  The most awesome thing, though? Lucy's a narrator again!  Yess!  As for the plot?  Well, pure awesomeness.  I love the blend of romance and action, love how there's enough love stuff to make you fall for the guy hook, line and sinker, but not so much it takes away from the super-fast-paced and suspenseful plot.  And, to add a cherry to the cake of awesomeness, the humour!  But the ending?  Worst. Cliffhanger. EVER!  God, I am SO glad I have Blood Moon
Y'know, I don't think I've read a vamp series that has me cracking up quite like this one.  Sometimes, I laughed so hard I cried.  But don't for a minute think that's the only think the Drake Chronicles has going for it, 'cause it isn't.  This book was also spooky and gripping and twisty.  It also has totally romantic kisses that turns your insides to mush!  And while this may be the fourth in the series, Bleeding Hearts proves that the Drake Chronicles is just as addictive and amazing as it ever was.  I love this series and am so glad it's untrue that I already have Blood Moon!  Guys, if you haven't read this series yet PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!  Read it!  It's pure awesomeness and my second favourite vampire series EVER!  Actually, after this...  Well, The Drake Chronicles may have to be bumped up to Spot One...  Sorry Vampire Academy!  It was just that good!

Star Rating:
4¾ Out of 5

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