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In My Mailbox (#55)

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Insignia (Insignia Trilogy)
I was lucky enough to be invited to the Hot Key bloggers lunch a long while ago: thank you so much to all the people at Hot Key!  Anyway, it was loads of fun and I am almost insanely excited for all the books they have coming out this year and next.  Not only did I get to meet some lovely bloggers, I also met three wonderful authors: Sarah Mussi, Sally Gardner and Lydia Syson.  We all nibbled on some yummy food and chatted before heading into the gorgeous conference room.  There, we were all walked thruogh the lauch list (check it out here!) and given a sneak-peek at some of the 2013 books...  Also, they explained their awesmoe pie-chart, theme-ring thingy (I forgot what it's actually called... oops!)  The three authors all told us a little about thier books and thten we got to Skype with S.J. Kincaid!  It was really so cool!  It was a lot of fun and it was great to see so many bloggers and authors!  Also, I got M&Ms after, which just was the perfect end to the perfect day!!

And it was also my birthday!  Which means....  books!  Yippeee!  Anyhoo, this is what I got.

And this is like a month of books, so sorry for the long post!

From Hot Key Blogger Lunch:

Insignia by S.J. Kincaid (Goodreads | Amazon)
The Impossible is Just The Beginning
This is an amazing, amazing, amazing book - my review will be going up soon, and I'll tell you now: it's a 5 Star book!  I cannot wait for the next in the series!!
Jepp, Who Defied The Stars by Katherine Marsh (Goodreads | Amazon)
This one sounds amazing, and it is amazing from what I've read.  I can't wait to really, properly read it!!
A World Between Us by Lydia Syson (Goodreads | Amazon)
This really looks amazing, like, amaing, amazing.  And Lydia was really, really nice and signed my book for me.  I can't wait to read this - my self restraint isn't gonna hold 'til October!
Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner (Goodreads | Amazon)
Sally has been one of my favourite authors for ages and I couldn't believe I was going to meet her!  It was great to put a face to a name and she even signed my book!  I can't wait to read this one either!!

For Review:

Angel Dust by Sarah Mussi (Goodreads | Amazon)
This book, from what I've read, is amazing!  And the finished cover is so gorgeous!
The Last Werewolf by Glenn Duncan (Goodreads | Amazon)
This one looks amazing and I'm super excited about reading it!
This Dark Endeavour by Kenneth Oppel (Goodreads | Amazon)
A Prequel To Mary Shelley's Gothic Classic Frankenstein
I adore the finished cover of this book - can't wait to read it!
The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder (Goodreads | Amazon)
One Summer
To Live A Lifetime
I've started this, and from what I've read: amazing.  
Silenced by Simon Packham (Goodreads | Amazon)
Speak No Evil
I've never read anything by Packham before, but this book really appeals to me - can't wait to get stuck in!
Rebel Heart (Dust Lands, Book Two) by Moira Young (Goodreads | Amazon)
Yaaayyy!  I loved Blood Red Road and am so desperate to read this it's almsot untrue!  Thank you, Scholastic!!!
Muddle and Win: The Battle For Sally Jones by John Dickinson (Goodreads | Amazon)
This one sounds like so much fun and has a really unique 
Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs (Goodreads | Amazon)
I've started this and it's amazing!  I'm loving it - so much I'm reading it ahead of schedule!!  ;)
Harvey Angel by Diana Hendry (Goodreads | Amazon)
I forgot to take a picture of this, but thanks to RandomHouse!  I won a few copies of the book and am very excited about reading them!

Crusher by Niall Leonard (Goodreads | Amazon)
To Catch A Killer, He Had To Become One
This looks ace - I do love thrillers!

Katya's World by Jonathan L. Howard (Goodreads | Amazon)
I can't wait to read this!  It sounds amazing!
The Assassin's Curse (The Assassin's Curse, Book One) by Cassandra Rose Clarke (Goodreads | Amazon)
This too looks brilliant!!

Poltergeeks by Sean Cummings (Goodreads | Amazon)
And this - I do love my witchy books!
Witch Crag by Kate Cann (Goodreads | Amazon)
What If Your Enemy Became The One Worth Saving?
I love Kate Cann and can't wait to read this!
Ocean of Secrets by Aimee Friedman (Goodreads | Amazon)
Discover The Depths Of Love
This looks brilliant!
Strange Energy (The Bad Tuesdays, Book Two) by Benjamin J. Myers (Goodreads | Amazon)
Blood Alchemy (The Bad Tuesdays, Book Three) by Benjamin J. Myers (Goodreads | Amazon)
The Nonsuch King (The Bad Tuesdays, Book Four) by Benjamin J. Myers (Goodreads | Amazon)
A Crystal Horseman (The Bad Tuesdays, Book Five) by Benjamin J. Myers (Goodreads | Amazon)
The Spiral Horizon (The Bad Tuesdays, Book Six) by Benjamin J. Myers (Goodreads | Amazon)
If you wanna win a copy of this, check out my giveaway!  I took part in the tour and Orion have given us two books to giveaway!

Dark Eyes (Dark Eyes, Book One) by William Richter (Goodreads | Amazon)
This is amazing!  I've read it all and it's stunning.  Amazing, amazing, amazing!!  I loved it!!
Maze Cheat by B.R. Collins (Goodreads | Amazon)
If You Dare, You Win.
If You Fail, You Die.
This looks so cool!!
My Brother Simple by Marie-Aude Murail (Goodreads | Amazon)
He Will Open Your Eyes, And Steal Your Heart
This one looks brilliant too and so, so sweet!
Neptune's Tears (Timedance, Book One) by Susan Waggoner (Goodreads | Amazon)
What Would You Risk For Love?
Alien-type romance - squee!!!
Circus Maximus (The History Keepers, Book Two) by Damian Dibben (Goodreads | Amazon)
It's The Race Of Their Lives
Can't wait to read this!  It looks so cool!
Breathe by Sarah Crossan (Goodreads | Amazon)
Yay, yay, yay, yay!  I've wanted to read this forever and I can't wait to read it!! :D

Things Scholastic Sent Me To Drive Me Insane With Excitement:

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater Teasers and Proof!! (Goodreads | Amazon)
If You Kiss Your True Love, He Will Die
Ok, that super-excited squee doesn't even cover my excitement.  For the past few weeks, Scholastic have been sending little teaser packs.  The first few chapters, a key chain, a feather, a page from a diary... And then, after so much suspense and excitement, the proof landed on my doorstep.  Let's just say I was so happy there was much dancing round much of the house.  I am loving this book!!!

For My Birthday: 

The Repossession by Sam Hawksmoor (Goodreads | Amazon)
One By One, They Disappear.
I've read this one already -  amazing!  I really, really loved it!  I'm desperate for  the next one in the series!!
Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, Book One) by Robin LaFevers (Goodreads | Amazon)
Why Be The Hunted When You Can Be The Hunter?
This one looks awesome and I can't wait to read it! 
A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix (Goodreads | Amazon)
Ten Million Princes.  Only One Can Survive.
I love Garth Nix, so I was super pleased to get this one!  It sounds amazing, too!
The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St John (Goodreads | Amazon)
You Can Never Outrun The Past
Yay!  Horsey books are the best!
Slated by Teri Terry (Goodreads | Amazon)
Can You Know The Truth If YOur Mind Has Been Wiped?
Gotta love dystopia and I have a feeling this one is gonna be a brilliant one!
Les Contes de Beedle le Barde by J.K. Rowling (Goodreads | Amazon)
Les Contes Pour Jeunes Sorciers Du Monde De Harry Potter
I loved this one!  Brilliant translation. :)
David by Mary Hoffman (Goodreads | Amazon)
Discover The Mystery Behind The Legend
This one looks ace!! :D

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #1)
Unravelling (Unravelling, Book One) by Elizabeth Norris (Goodreads | Amazon)
Stop The Countdown
Save The World
Heard so many good  things - can't wait to read!
The Look by Sophia Bennet (Goodreads | Amazon)
Yay!!  And it's so pink!!!!!!
Unrest by Michelle Harrison (Goodreads | Amazon)
When The Dead Don't Sleep
The Living Are Afraid To...
The Girl Who Could Silence The Wind by Meg Medina (Goodreads | Amazon)
This looks amazing.  Really amazing.
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin (Goodreads | Amazon)
Again, so many good things: can't wait!
The Killables (The Killables, Book One) by Gemma Malley (Goodreads | Amazon)
Evil Must Be Identified
Squee!  I love Malley - can't wait!! :D

Ok, I'm stopping now.  I didn't realise I'd bought so many books...  Eep.  Oh well.  ;)

Hope you've all had a great week/fortnight/month!! :)


Anya said...

Wow that is a lot of books! Jealous of Grave Mercy and The Raven Boys - looks amazing!

Carina said...

Happy belated birthday and YAY! for so many awesome books. Looks like you have some very good reads ahead of you. Happy reading! :)

Fictional Distraction

hawwa said...

Oh wow that is a LOT of books! LOL soo jelous you got some AWESOME books! Btw did you request a copy of the book off Scholastic or did they just send it with all the little AMAZING teaser packs? xx
Happy belated birthday! x

roro said...

david was gr8

and i found some books that i\m adding on goodreads

enjoy all

where i stacked my shelf

Val said...

EPIC week for books!!! Happy Birthday too!

StuckInBooks STS


Cliona said...

WOW! That is SOME haul! Enjoy all your books, and belated happy birthday :D

Anonymous said...

Okay, SO want to read the Raven one. How is it???

And you can NEVER have too many books ;) They all look awesome!! Hope you'll review some of them!!

Blog said...

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TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Twitch: Well, it's a month or more of books... I kept forgetting to do an IMM! I'm useless!
Carina: Thanks!! I'm excited! :D
Ebony: Thanks:) No, I didn't request it - they just sent it: after teasing me for weeks first!! :D
Roro: Yay and thanks! :
Valerie: Thanks!
Cliona: Thanks!! :)
Sonny: It's really good so far! I'll put up reviews ASAP! :D
Blog: Thanks. :)