Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2011 Challenges

I kind of went a little OTT on challenges this year.  I stick by my new, excited blogger defense.  This year, as I am more mature (ish), I am only taking part in 3.  In theory.  :D

I must admit, I was rather disappointed by how I did.  But I will do better this year!  I promise myself.  :D

But here's how I did on my challenges this year:

 100 Books Challenge
My challenge was to read 100 books.  And... 104 books read in 2011!  Yay!  :D 
Challenge: completed.


This one challenged me to read 50 British books over 2011.  I really suprised myself with just how few British books I actually read!  I only read 37 out of the target 50. 
Challenge: Uncompleted.
But wait!  I just realized that the normal target was 12 British Books...  Which means:
Challenge is in fact: Completed!

I had to read a book for every letter of the alphabet for this challegne.  Do you know how hard it is to find Qs, Us and Zs?  I managed to get my hands on a U and a Z, but didn't have time to read them!  I have yet to find a Q.  Therefore, I read 23 out of 26.
Challenge: Uncompleted

This challenge involved me reading 20 Horror and Urban Fantasy books.  I really seem to love Urban Fantasy: I read around 70 books!
Challenge: Most definately Completed!

This one also wanted me to read 20 books - only these ones were specifically vamp-filled.  I suprised myself by only reading 12.  I really thought I'd read more!  :D
Challenge: Uncompleted.

I may have aimed a little too high with this one.  Heh, I guess I wasn't anticipating the number of hardcopy books I of course had to buy over the year.  But even so.  I did orignally say I'd do the Obsessed level: 20 e-Books.  And I read 17.  Saying I only wanted to read 20 does make me feel better!
Challenge: Uncompleted

I was trying to read 75 books for this one.  My problem?  I kept buying and geting all these awesome new books, that I obviously had to read right now.  My poor little books already on the shelf were quite neglected!  I managed to read 34 books, though, which I guess isn't too too bad...
Challenge: Uncompleted.

I didn't really have an exact target for this one...  I read 7 'classics', so I think I did pretty good.  :)

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